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Monday, November 28, 2011

I've Been HackEd!!!

November 12, 2011
So... someone or something got into my website and started to mess around.  Now, Google is telling me (and just about everyone else) that my website contains malicious software that could ruin their computer.  DAMMIT!!!!
So, my friend Lizz Armstrong, who is the behind-the-scenes back-end administrator, had to wipe my site.  Thus, no pictures for now and no crazy gadgets.  Is it all worth saving?

Success! ...in my dream.

September 24, 2011
I don't know if you've read this far back, but a few years ago I wrote about not being able to take a proper dump in my dreams (see this link).  I'd always have issues with gross toilets, or they were too high, or whatever.  But guess what?  SUCCESS!!!!  Last night I successfully took a crap in my dream.  Mind you, I had to go again right after and I couldn't finish, but the toilet was clean and accessible, and the only thing stopping me was that the owner of the toilet came home and I had to leave.  I'd tell you more, because I'm sure that you're so interested to hear the rest of my crazy dream about acting and dancing and soccer with a rugby ball and camp counselling and Mister Schuester from Glee and JJ Enriquez and $30,000 worth of debt due to used book purchasing and Karate and sleeping in someone else's bed... but I just don't have the time to write it all down.

A Midsummer Night's Play

September 21, 2011

I've been busy. That's right, BUSY. I took last week off of work to perform in A Midsummer Night's Dream with UC Follies at the University of Toronto. I was Tom Snout, the Tinker... performing "Wall" in the play-within-the-play. I also played an Athenian and a fairy. Here's what'cha missed:

Against the traditional script, we began AMSND (A Midsummer... you get the acronym) with a battle between the Athenians and the Amazons. Shak, our director and Queen Titania (A.K.A. Big Tit) decided that some backstory was needed to show how Duke Theseus conquered the Amazons and took Hippolyta as his bride. ENTER LOUISA ZHU, fight choreographer.
We do some Matrix-style moves as we "duke" it out, leaving Theseus and Hippo to finally compete. THe dudes win, the chicks lose, and thus our play begins.
Stuff happens, I'm backstage (a la tent outside, because it was Shakespeare in the park, after all), Helena is drunk, Demetrius is surly, I must change into my "mechanicals" garb... and here comes my cue. HELENA: For ere Demetrius looked onto Hermia's eyne / He hailed down oaths that he was only mine... blah blah, chatter chatter, and here we go:
ACT 1 SCENE 2 QUINCE: Is all our company here? (Oh right, the director gave me Bottom's first three lines, because he decided that Bottom would be played by a woman who is trying to pretend she is a man so that she can be in the play. Lauren Goodman is playing the person playing Nick Bottom, who will play Pyramus in this play within a play. To show this we must have an "original" Nick Bottom, who {when we are distracted} is knocked out and dragged away. Lauren then puts on his hat and robe and pretends to be BOTTOM, thus, her/his first few lines are mine... YOU FOLLOW???!!!?? I think I lost me after the first sentence)

SNOUT: (sneering and belittling Quince) You were best to call them generally, man by man, according to the scrip. QUINCE: Line line line... wedding day at night. SNOUT: First, Good Peter Quince, say what the play treats on, then read the names of the actors and so grow to a point. QUINCE: Marry, pissed off lines, something about a play, and... SNOUT: A very good piece of work I assure you, and a merry. Now, good Peter Quince, call forth your actors by the scroll. (And don't finish that line, the director cut it out because we are already sitting) More stuff is said, my line "Here Peter Quince" is cut off by Quince (who is actually also played by a woman - Liz - but is supposed to play it like a man, unlike Lauren, who is supposed to play Bottom as a woman who pretends to be a man) because he doesn't want me to talk anymore. More lines, and more, and more... we all say, "That would hang us, every mother's son!", which, in rehearsal we all said, "that would hang us, every motherfucker!"... more stuff about who should play what, and and and... the last line is given to me: SNOUT: Enough! Hold or cut bowstrings! (basically, "keep your word or give it up" or "just do it or don't bother)
Quick change... I'm a fairy in a mask and I play the drum. did I give myself a name? You bet'cha! The fairies are all named things like Peaseblossom, and Mustardseed, and Moth, and Cobweb. So, in AMSND tradition, my character's name was Cowpie. Okay, okay, so that was totally made up just now, and the only reason I'm telling you that is because something funnier than an elf named after turd came up in my research for a good name. Check it out: Thesaurus.com gives the following synonyms for "dung": cow pies, cowplop, crap, dung, feces, fertilizer, guano, manure, meadow muffin, night soil, ordure. CAN WE GO BACK TO "MEADOW MUFFIN"???!!! LSHIBAMF!!!!! Who uses the term "meadow muffin"? Well... this guy, from now on!
One more digression and then I'll get back to the play. I just felt that I had to explain Le She Bamf to you before we continue forth (LSHIBAMF). So there is LOL, "laugh out loud", or to most parents who don't know the lingo, but try hard to be cool, "lot's of love". There is LMAO, laugh my ass off; LMFAO, though also the name of a pop group that came out with the best hit of 2011, Party Rock Anthem (you have to see it with the video), also stands for "laugh my fucking ass off". ROFL means "roll on the floor laughing", and so I thought to add to the ridiculous and establish LSHIBAMF, "laughed so hard I broke all my furniture".  It works, think about it.

So fairy... I enter with Queen Titania, the Big Tit, playing my drum. I sit, then stand, then sit again, then there are some words I don't understand, and then I stand again. Then I play the drum and leave with Big Tit. At some point in the speech between King Oberon and Queen Titania, Bruce, who plays Oberon says, "Tarry, rash wanton; am not I thy lord?" The first time he read that he said "wonton" instead of "wanton". I shit myself, then LSHIBAMF.  I guess that calls for a new acronym: ISMTLSHIBAMF!
I become Snout again, and I wait for like, 15 minutes. ACT 3 SCENE 1: SNOUT: Are we all met? (the line was given to me, originally Bottom's) QUINCE: Yakkity-Yak. BOTTOM: Don't talk back. QUINCE: More stuff to say. BOTTOM: I think there is a problem with this play. (My line is given to SNUG the Joiner, and STARVELING's line is given to me. Ahem!) SNOUT: I believe we must leave the killing out, when all is done. (I had notes written in my script like "terrorized" and "nervous", because I was to originally play the character like a fraidy-cat. Director Shak helped me to develop Snout as the pompous asshole that he is instead) Line for Bottom, then Quince, then Bottom... SNOUT: Will not the ladies be afeared of the lion? Snug, Bottom talk... SNOT: Therefore another prologue must tell he is not a lion. (I left out the "u" on purpose) Bottom, Quince (who is getting pissed at me)... SNOUT: Doth the moon shine that night we play our play? BOTTOM: A calendar, a calendar! Look to the almanac; find out moonshine, find out moonshine. (I love that line, dunno why) More stuff is said, mostly between Quince, who is played by a woman being a man, and Bottom, who is played by a woman, being a woman who is playing a man. SNOUT: You can never bring in a wall. What say you Bottom? More talk, and then Nick Bottom grows an ASS-HEAD! I get scared and say: SNOUT: O Bottom, thou art changed! what do I see on thee? [EXIT ME]
There is a short break, and then INTERMISSION. I'm Cowpie the fairy again, until Oberon gets mad at Puck for dousing the wrong Athenian with the love potion petal... then we run away. We were just filler anyway. Then I have like... 45 minutes before I have to return to the stage as SNOUT. Should've brought my iPod.

ACT 4 SCENE 2: Stuff is said, I enter and say what Snug once said: SNOUT: Masters, the duke is coming from the temple and there are two or three lords and ladies more married. If our sport had gone forward we would all be made men. (Not an easy line to remember, what with all the two's or three's, and lords and ladies and such. But, I found it harder to remember my first three fucking lines!!! {to see fucking lines, return to top}). [Exit Me, Again] And... here comes the last scene -- the one we'e all been waiting for: The Play Within The Play! (You gotta check out the link, it's THE BEATLES doing the play within the play) I was instructed to say my line as though I had just done some crazy pills. Just keep moving and running around, was what the director said. I did it different every time. Sometimes I did the Charleston, sometimes I clicked my heels together in the air as I said "chink"; sometimes I did the Party Rock Anthem Shuffle, and on the last night I did the Macarena. SNOUT: In this same interlude it doth befall, That I, one Snout by name, present a wall. And such a wall as I would have you think, That had in it a crannied hole, or chink Through which the lovers, Pyramus and Thisby did whisper, often very secretly. This loam, this roughcast, and this stone doth show That I am that same wall, the truth is so, And this the cranny is, right and sinister, Through which the fearful lovers are to whisper.
Stuff is said, Bottom accidentally punches me in the junk (the balls, the genitals, the gonads, the nuts, the private parts, the stones, the reproductive organs, the crotch, the testicles, the twig and berries, the mutton dagger, the muffin dagger, the wazoo, the pee-pee, the helmet warrior, the wood, the fishing rod, the tallywhacker, the ding dong, the pocket rocket, the Johnson, the mini me, the cock and balls, the third leg, Greg) and I scream like a girl. The chink, which was once represented by my finger and thumb in the air beside me, is now firm near my junk (the balls, the genitals, the... thank you Thesaurus.com!!!). Pyramus, played by Bottom, played by the girl pretending to be Bottom, played by Lauren, must talk through my groin area (I left that one out of the synonym list to be used later, which is now) whilst Thisby, played by Francis Flute, played by Marco, must listen and reply through my ass-end. This goes on for a while, while I must stand firm, holding my crotch in apparent pain.

THIS IS MY WEAKEST MOMENT IN THE PLAY... I BROKE CHARACTER TWICE OUT OF THREE PERFORMANCES AT THIS PART... never mind the fact that Demetrius, played by Nick said "It is the whittiest partition that ever did the Macarena, my lord," which nearly had me in tears, rather than saying his line, "It is the whittiest partition that ever I heard discourse, my lord."... Now, Thisby (played by Flute --> Marco) must kiss Pyramus (played by Bottom --> girl pretending to be Bottom --> Lauren) through my groin area. They try, and then Thisby says, "I kiss the wall's hole, not your lips at all." Thus ends my attempts to save face and not laugh while on stage. Finally, I say my final line. SNOUT: Thus have I, Wall, my part dischargéd so, and, being done, thus wall away doth go. Then I fall and pass out. I am carried offstage so that I may come out once more for the triple wedding ceremony, and thus ends the play.
Oh yeah, I should have said this earlier: SPOILER ALERT!!!

I'm a Writer, Not a Reader

August 22, 2011
I'm a writer, not a reader. Maybe I'm a bibliophile. I have collected a number of books over the past few months that are just sitting on my shelf, waiting to be read; however, my lifestyle doesn't exactly allow time for reading. Before I go to bed? Forget it. I'm either too tired or too wired to read. Chances are I'll just play a game on my iPod until I fall asleep if I'm still awake. What about the daytime? Nope… I spend those precious moments writing my book, or my blog, or my play, or updating The Cookie Challenge.
But I WANT to read the books… that's why I bought 'em. I'm a quarter through Onward: The Starbucks Biography, a third through American Gods, but frankly, I'm losing interest, and I have a whole bunch of other books that I haven't even started yet. There's Bram Stoker's Dracula, and End Game (A chess murder mystery novel), The Arcanum (a horror book that sounds cool), the Necronomicon, which I don't really want to read, but it looked interesting nonetheless. Plus, I never got through Roverandom, but it wasn't that good anyway, and I'd like to re-read the Harry Potter series, as well as Lord of the Rings.
Whatever, if it isn't for school, than it's leisure reading, and sometimes you can only do so much leisure.


August 15, 2011
Well that's it I guess... I finally saw the last Harry Potter, and after reading the books and watching the movies, I gotta say...

Genius!  So much legend and lore, so many twists and turns, so much to think about!  How did you get it all down before writing your books Rowling?  How did you think up such epic tales?  The way that it began as an innocent little fantasy story, and at some point became this dark, larger than life story that sucked the protagonist right in without his consent, it was so well thought out!  And the Horcruxes and Hallows, and the **secret** twist at the end...  Well done!
Now, I've been writing my four-novel story for quite some time now, and it certainly is as in depth as Harry Potter and the Lord of The Rings... but I'm not so sure it has much lore and legend embedded into it.  It certainly has some twists and surprises, but I don't think I can write quite like J.R.R. Rowling can.
I'm trying to start reading again.  I have a few books on my night stand that have been sitting there for a while.  I want to read them, but a few things keep getting in the way:
During the day I'd rather write than read, and at night I'd rather play with my iPod than read.  And no... I can't read books through the iPod: too small!
OH!!!  By the way... check out TheCookieChallenge this week to see the first LAUGH CHALLENGE!

A Snippet From My Past

August 11, 2011

I found a post that wasn't published publicly, written on February 18, 2007.  Went like this:
... I saw Thao today getting on the bus I was supposed to. I panicked and darted out of the way before she could see me, and walked instead. I guess I just couldn't handle the emotions that were suddenly swarming back as though no time had passed. I wish things were easier... I wish I didn't still love her. I wish that my love faded over time, but in truth it grew stronger. So much so that I had to thoroughly convince myself that I did not in fact love her at all. So much for that plan.
It's interesting when you find little tidbits of your past.


August 4, 2011
Did you ever use the word "grossatating" when you were a kid? I totally forgot about the word... the non-word. I wonder if sickatating is even a... nope. It comes up as a spelling mistake on my browser's spell-check. Red dotted underline means that sickatating and grossatating are not words. Well then, spell-check, what do you recommend? sickatating = did you mean squatting? grossatating = did you mean... guesses not found. That is: No effing clue as to what grossitating means.
Side note about spell-check... I dunno if this has to do with Mac Lion, or just the way the internet is going these days, but now there is an autocorrect feature that seems to want to fix my writing and place a dotted blue underline under the words it fixed. I don't like it. Don't assume that you know what I'm talking about! I never assume that my readers know what I'm talking about, so duck-off autocorrect!!!
By the way, I invented the word "ridorkulous", because too many people say the words "ridonkulous" and "ricockulous".  I actually invented it before ricockulous came out, but after ridonkulous surfaced.  Ricockulous makes the most sense, I suppose, because we're replacing dick with cock in the original word "ridiculous", but I feel that only dorks would use such terms, hence "ridorkulous".
I'm going to invent a word right now....
What do you think it means?

Friday, August 05, 2011

Rebirth of a Blog: Notimmortal.ca

I think that it is time to start saying goodbye to the old, and hello to the new.
That's right... J'rod's Messy Mind is moving to....

Forget the dot-blogspot teenager that was Jared's place for superheroes, beer, art, and dreams... the growing teenager is in it's twenties now -- twenty-eleven to be exact -- and it needs room to grow.  With its own domain name, and some updated code, The Messy Mind of Jared David is the newer, cleaner version of notimmortal.blogspot.ca.

The Good:
- A domain name without a parent company attached to it.
- A cleaner, easier interface.
- Do more, such as adding the Facebook "like" button.

The Bad:
- The Science of Superheroes, Lucid Dreaming, My Art, and Booze Bros Light are now amalgamated into the original blog, but are still separated by category.  This means that they are not listed on separate pages unless the reader specifically goes to that category.  Not such a bad thing, and I'm looking into finding a non-stressful way of changing it.
- Goodbye HTML, Hello CSS... I have no idea what I'm doing with this code.  Thus, the cool little do-dads that once existed (The button bar that follows you, and the moving guitars) are gone... for now.

So check out the new site!  Bookmark it or subscribe, and say your goodbye's to notimmortal.blogspot.com.

I'll still have the site up for quite a while, but new posts will be placed in the Wordpress-driven notimmortal.ca.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Brianne Perez and Harrison Ford

Today is an important day {Posted July 13th} !!!  Okay, well I guess none of you know who Harrison Ford is; what kind of a name is that anyway?  But, all of you know Brianne, and it's time to celebrate her birfday!!!!  I've already celebrated it... no, not by seeing Harry Potter, I went to The Keg and ate surf'n'turf on Perez Day!!!

- Spicy Caesar, extra bean
- Escargot
- Innis & Gunn beer
- Top Sirloin, Mashed, Veg, Half a Lobster
- Liquid Coccaine
- coffee
Aww man was it ever delicious!!!!
Speaking of delicious... Milestones hosted a Kitchen Competition, where -- iron chef style -- a secret ingredient was chosen, and had to be used by all contestants in 3 dishes.  I WAS A JUDGE.  I ate a lot.
And the secret ingredient was....
So much food!
Oh boy!  We ate deep fried duck, asparagus-stuffed duck, duck pancake wraps, duck pate, duck-kisses in brandy sauce, caramel and duck-skin kettle corn, duck funnel cake... yeah, weird, eh?
But, they came up with all of these inventions in 15 minutes, and made them all within an hour!!!!  And most of them were REALLY TASTY!!!
I mean, they were succulent, and spicy, and... and... how did I move off topic from Brianne's birfday?
Happy birthday, Brianne!!!  I hope you have a wonderful day, and that you get cake, and steak, and duck, and delicious food.....
mmmmmmmmmmmm..... delicious fooooood.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pthzhzhzhz and eh?

I'm painting a book.  No I'm not writing a book... well, yes I'm writing a book too, but I'm also painting a book.  actually two; I'm painting two books, and one of them is called The Book of Gildus.  It is the name of one of the books I want to eventually write after I finish writing my series.  So for now, I'm painting a book I want to write, eventually, and I'm writing some books, and painting another book.
Oh right, you want to know what I mean by "painting a book".  Simply put, I'm painting a canvas to look just like a book.  It looks like a leather-bound tome, so far, with old, stained pages on the sides.  I'm thinking of embellishing it with latches and bindings to make it look authentic.
I painted a book before -- I did Don Quijote... Yes, I know Quixote is spelled with an 'X' in most cases, but it was originally Spanish and was spelled with the silent J -- El ingenioso hidalgo don Quijote de la Mancha.  And it turned out quite good; so much so that a friend of mine is paying me to paint another one.  Cool.
Oh, a picture?  you wanna see a picture?  Okay, I'll show you the Don Quijote one:
Don Quijote: The Book: The Painting
I suppose it isn't the easiest to see the pages painted down the sides; for one, the lighting hides most of it, and secondly, the pages go down the hidden side of the canvas... duh!

˙˙˙ɟo ǝsɐɔ ǝƃuɐɹʇs,, ɐ op oʇ ǝɯ pǝʞsɐ puǝıɹɟ ʎɯ

Sorry... Accident.

My friend asked me to do a "Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde".  I'm not really sure why she chose that particular story, nor am I sure if she's ever read it.  I have it, but I haven't read it.  Should I?  It isn't that long.  It's like, a short story... or a novella (maybe).  You wanna see a picture of that one too?  Well it ain't finished yet, so you can't!  Pthzhzhzhz!

I think that -- to make the noise you make when you stick out your tongue at someone and it vibrates -- phonetically it should be spelled "pthzhzhzhz".  Know what I mean?  You don't know what I mean...
Okay, this is what I mean:

You see what I mean?  How, as a writer, am I supposed to express that kind of sound on paper otherwise?

So, I was talking with some friends the other night about certain expressions we as Canadians use that might seem ridiculous to those from, say, Europe.  One of the friends is from New Zealand (near Europe) (wait, no... New Zealand is nowhere near... but it doesn't matter, because she's been to Europe and she says that 9 out of 10 Europeans agree that Canadians, and sometimes North Americans, have weird phrases and expressions).  Well, we all know that "eh" is Canadian, eh.  And, for the most part, the younger we are, the more likely it is that we'll use the word "like" in a sentence.  Like, all of the time.  Those ones aren't so uncommon.  I, like, hear it all the time.
But...  did you know that we tend to say the word "actually" a lot?  Actually, when it comes to discussing, like, pretty much anything, we don't need to tell people how it actually is, because we shouldn't assume in the first place that the person we are talking to has, like, some sort of distorted sense of things where we have to say... "Actually, you're right about that!  It's actually supposed to rain tomorrow."  It would imply that they believed that they had no idea they were right, or that it was going to rain.
Actually, my professor used to use actually a lot.  Like, all the time.  Actually, she used the word "ultimately" so often that I started keeping track in my notebook.  She would always say things like, "According to Baumeister," yes, Baumeister is a real person... kick-ass name!  "According to Baumeister, the self is divided into three parts, so ultimately, there can be many "selves" within oneself."  It actually drove me made to hear her say "ultimately", like, in every sentence, eh?!!?
Speaking of which... should there be a question mark at the end of a sentence ending with "eh"?  Like, is "eh" a confirmatory response, meaning that a question was implied?  "So, like, I totally ate three Tim Horton's fritters, eh?"
"So, like, I totally ate three Tim Horton's fritters.  Eh?"
Maybe "eh" is a word that should be all on its own.  It's like a hiccup or something.
Here's a weird one, eh...?....  My English friend told me that the thing that pisses her off the most -- when it comes to stupid Canadian phrases -- is "That's funny".  She says, "why say 'that's funny' when clearly it is!?!"  I guess that makes sense, because ultimately, if something is funny than we are already laughing, and we no longer need to state the obvious.  Or, if we had to say "that's funny" in lue of laughing, then maybe it wasn't actually that funny.  Okay, that last "actually" came in by accident.  I didn't try to throw that one in, meaning that the word is actually embedded into my normal speech-thought patterns.  Anyway, to my friend, saying "that's funny" is the stupidest thing in the word; imagine stating what everything is, as if people are stupid:

A car drives by on the highway, and you say, "that's fast".
Your boss tells you to file away the Edwards case, and you say, "that's an order coming from my boss".
You're at a funeral and people start to cry, and you say, "that's sad".
You're running from a guy in a hockey mask, holding a butcher's knife, and you say, "that's scary"...
No shit!  Thanks Admiral Obvious!  (I know the expression is "Thank you Captain Obvious, but actually, he got promoted, so Pthzhzhzhz!!!).  So, like, why do we say, "that's funny" at times when something clearly is funny, eh?  'Cause, ultimately we shouldn't have to say it out loud if we're actually already laughing, right?

That's funny!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fun With Words!

Finally!  Some good weather and some time to write!
I've been going over my first two books, frantically editing them and re-familiarizing myself with the details so that I can hop right on the train again (where I left off in the middle of book three).  I'm so excited to write that I'm...  I'm....
...without words, aww shit!  That isn't a good sign.  Quick!  Where's my thesaurus?!!???  Oh yeah, check out this cool website I found:  COOL WEBSITE.  It's fun with words!!!!

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The Alchemyst: the Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel

I just finished reading The Alchemyst, and... don't judge the book by its pretty cover. I don't know what it is about the book that I don't like. Is it the fact that it (and its sequels) don't have satisfying conclusions? Can it be the fact that I've found a few grammatical errors in the text? Maybe the writing appears a bit childish for me. Or maybe... maybe it's because the writing is very similar to my own, and I'm offended as to how it turned out in my eyes.
I suppose it shouldn't bother me that much. After all, it is an adolescent book that tries to tie in all of the worldly events and historical characters into one big "magic conspiracy". I guess I felt that there was so much potential that wasn't applied. I read the last chapter and (no spoiler alert, don't worry) I know EXACTLY how I would've ended it to make it a better novel. The ending wasn't what bothered me so much. What bothered me was that it felt so... so... Disney. I pictured the character of Dr. John Dee looking exactly like Alfred Molina (Horvath) did in The Sorcerer's Apprentice. I found the story to be too contrived -- even for a fantasy/fiction novel -- and the plot development was amateur. But, what do I know? I'm not even published yet.
So... why, you may ask, did I pick up the book in the first place? Well, the cover was pretty. I told you that already. Plus, the little blurb on the back held a lot of promise.
One thing is certain: I'm not willing to lend my time to another 6+ books written the same way... is the series supposed to end?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Here We Are, Again

I've written a new song. It's amazing how I can so quickly come up with a chord progression, accompanied by lyrics on some days, while most of the time I struggle to compose anything decent. It's like the fates decide when the appropriate time to write a song should be, and what it'll be about.
This one -- Here We Are, Again -- is about two people winding back up in the same place they started, even if the both of them don't desire to be there. Sometimes people and relationships just cycle through experiences, and then recycle them, yet, it is the perspective we take on the recycled experience that will shape our next encounters with them. In the first verse, the singer admits that he/she is only thinking about the present, while the significant other is thinking about how the event will affect the future... again. By the last verse, the roles have somewhat reversed, where the significant other has taken the recycled event as just another one of many; it is no different from any in the past, nor in the future.
The song has a slightly cynical tone to it, but it is counteracted, or perhaps complemented with a poppy feel to it. I enjoy the dissonance that arises from a song that sounds happy but has a rather destructive message to it... perhaps that is why the Barenaked Ladies influence my music so much (Take their song "Too Little Too Late" for instance: It is fun and pop sounding, but the lyrics suggest a relationship where the singer isn't learning from his experiences, and is subject to the same problems over and over again).
The song needs a bit of tweaking... I haven't established much of a bridge yet, and I suppose I should be perfecting my other songs before writing new ones. "When She" is pretty much finished, but it naturally falls out of my vocal range (as does "Makes No Sense"), and I'd like to find a proper way to sing it, if I can.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

I Brush...

Friday, February 25, 2011

There's nothing wrong with your television set...

¡¡¡¡ʎzzɐʍɔ ǝɥs .ʇno ʇı ʞɔǝɥɔ .ɹoɟ uoʇʇnq ʞuıן ɐ pǝppɐ ı ɥɔıɥʍ 'ƃoןq uʍo ɹǝɥ ƃuıʞɐɯ oʇ uo ʇuǝʍ ǝɥs 'ʇɐɥʇ ɹǝʇɟɐ .uıʇsǝp ʎq uǝʇʇıɹʍ ʎɹʇuǝ pɹıǝʍ ʎzɐɹɔ ʇɐɥʇ ɹoɟ uıɐƃɐ ǝɔuo 'ʎɹɹos puɐ 'ɥɐǝʎ ɥo

.ʍǝıʌǝɹ ǝɥʇ ʇno ʞɔǝɥɔ ...ןןǝʍ 'puɐ ɹǝǝq ʇnoʇs-ossǝɹdsǝ uɐ pǝıɹʇ ı .ƃoןq ʇɥƃıן soɹq ǝzooq ǝɥʇ pǝʇɐpdn osןɐ ǝʌ,ı

¡ǝɯıʇ ʎuɐ ʇɐ ʇı ǝsoןɔ ןןıʇs uɐɔ noʎ 'ʇı ǝʞıן ʇ,uop oɥʍ noʎ ɟo ǝsoɥʇ ɹoɟ puɐ 'ɹǝʇʇǝq ʎɐʍ sʞooן .ʇdıɹɔs ǝǝnbɹɐɯ ƃuıʇɐoןɟ ǝɥʇ oʇuı ʇı pǝppǝqɯǝ puɐ 'xoq ǝɹnʇɔıd ƃuıןןoɹɔs ɐ ɹoɟ ʇdıɹɔs ɐ ʇuoɟ ı os .ǝƃɐd ʇuǝɹǝɟɟıp ɐ ǝǝs oʇ pǝʇuɐʍ ı ǝɯıʇ ɥɔɐǝ doʇ ǝɥʇ oʇ ʞɔɐq ʎɐʍ ǝɥʇ ןןɐ ןןoɹɔs oʇ ƃuıʌɐɥ uɐɥʇ ɹǝɥʇɐɹ 'puɐɥ ʇɐ ɹɐqןooʇ ǝɥʇ ƃuıʌɐɥ ɟo ǝɔuǝıuǝʌuoɔ ǝɥʇ ǝʞıן ı ǝsnɐɔǝq 'ʎןǝɹıʇuǝ ʇı ɟo pıɹ ʇǝƃ oʇ ʇuɐʍ 'ɹǝʌǝʍoɥ 'ʇ,upıp ı .ןןǝʍ sɐ ʇı ʎq pǝʎouuɐ ƃuıʇʇǝƃ ǝɹǝʍ sɹǝɥʇo ʇɐɥʇ pǝzıןɐǝɹ ı puɐ 'ǝɯ ɹoɟ ƃuıʎouuɐ ʎןןɐǝɹ ƃuıʇʇǝƃ sɐʍ ɹɐqןןoɹɔs ǝɥʇ .uıɐƃɐ ƃoןq ʎɯ ɥʇıʍ punoɹɐ ssǝɯ oʇ pǝpıɔǝp ı