.... The Messy Mind of J'rod: September 2005
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Friday, September 23, 2005

The Day Off.

I woke up at 1:45pm today. 1:45pm!! Who sleeps in that late?!? I usually try to enjoy a 10am, 10:30am wake up, but due to long work hours and late nights "chatting" on the internet I've become incredibly tired lately. It doesn't help that we have another stupid menu meeting tomorrow morning at 8:45am to discuss the not-so-new garlic festival menu coming to Jack Astor's. And what's worse is these semi-regular menu meetings always take place on Saturdays during the time I'm usually opening the bar. This means I have to be there at about 8:00am to set it up so that I don't miss the meeting. And with crappy weekend bus scheduing, I have to wake up at about 7:00am to get there on time even though I'm a 10 minute bus ride away.
Anyway, all I did today was sit infront of the T.V. for 3 hours watching the best of Star Trek (loser!) and eating a bowl of Cheerios (oh, and a half a box of Goldfish{you know, the snack that smiles back until you bite their heads off [it's a stupid jingle the put in the commercial]}). I finally decided to get outside, so I bottle flaired for a bit. I'm up to 3 bottles (or 2 and a shaker tin)! I ended up cutting my hands up so bad it looked like I was in a bare-knuckle boxing match, but I was so into it I couldn't stop.
I finally got home, only to leave with B2 and Maverick (the puppy) to go food and liquor shopping. You see, the neighbor's gave us their old BBQ for free when they got a new one, so B2 thought up the great idea of getting them some steaks and a bottle of wine as a thank you.
Then it was cooking time! I made a Kraft Dinner Casserole (how the F*ck do you spell Ca·sir·ole?). It's a great family recipe! Alley-Cat came over with her friend and joined B2 and I for dinner. What a relaxing day!
On a side note, Has anyone seen Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects? It's a kick-ass new game that allows you to fight as any of the Marvel characters one-on-one with one another. It looks bad-ass! not to mention X-Men Legends 2!! It's been a while since I've been interested in video games, but these too make me want to work overtime just to pick them up.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

An Update on ScOS...

The Science Of Superheroes section has been updated to include...

check it out.
--Watch it J-Rod... I know where you live.

Friday, September 16, 2005

...Now Where Was I?

Hello all (4 of you) awesome fans. I'm back!!!

My internet is up and running and I plan to be glued to the monitor for the next 6 hours!
To start off, I’d like to thank you for your patience. It’s been a month and a half of unconnected, unwired life and man, I barely survived. I actually accumulated a stack of little papers and post-its indicating things I’m gonna do when I got the internet back. Here’s a preview of the scribbles I had:
-Check and respond to Emails in Hotmail (both accounts), Yahoo mail, and Gmail... and maybe my Centennial college Email.
-Get some new friggin’ music
-Check out the Guitar tabs website C-Spot gave me
-Download Por….um…. portraits of famous people. Yeah.

Well if I’m working my way backward, the next thing I gotta do is download po… let’s skip that one, K? So yeah, my new place is awesome! I got a townhouse with Bee and B2 located just south of Fairview Mall (for those of you who didn’t read my previous posts). But since we moved in we’ve added a ceiling fan, a wooden toilet seat, cable, internet (duh), and a shiznat load of Ikea stuff! I love the place. Here are the awesome experiences so far (it’s been only a month)…
-Late nights.
-Lot’s of Popeye’s, Pizza, and Chinese food.
-Hot Girl living a few doors down.
-3 Guitar’s with one expert, one intermediate, and one novice player (me) .
-3 Xbox’s with kick-ass games .
-A kick-ass housewarming party filled with music, alcohol, people passing out, cards, the police (who called them!?!), and drawing on passed out people.
-People drawing on my wall .

So far, it’s a blast!

My guitar talent has improved oh so slightly… I can now play AC/DC’s Highway to Hell almost fluently (it’s like, 3 chords), and am now learning Green Day’s Time of Your Life, and Another Brick in The Wall by Pink Floyd. I’m taking lessons at (plug here) Dave Snider’s located on Yonge and Lawrence. Me can’t wait ‘til me good.

Geez, as I write this I’m watching Much Music and Kanye West’s video for Gold Digger is on. MAN, HE SUCKS! A LOT! Didn’t he write music for some of the other artists? The Cinematography in the video is cool, but I just don’t like…him.

Continuing on… The International Bartender’s Competition was awesome. My partner Gen was a little nervous but did an AWESOME job! Due to the ridiculous amount of talent there, we didn’t quite place, but it was a great party. As for the Alumni Tournament, I bombed!! Considering I had only a few days to put it together due to the cuffuffle of moving, I think I did pretty well. I did drop just about every bottle, and mixed up some of the juices. I even hit D-Train in the back with a Triple Sec bottle. He said he didn’t feel it. Here are a couple of pics provided by D-Train:

Unfortunately D-Train’s Camera malfunctioned and we only got a few good pics.

And for some sad news:
Caramel has decided to delete her blog, forcing me to kill the link. Me sad! It was her blog that introduced me to this site in the first place. Your blog will be missed.

Anyhow, that’s it for today…take it ease’!