.... The Messy Mind of J'rod: November 2005
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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Lappy 486

WaaaHooo!!! This is my fery virst (sorry, dyslexia) post using my brand new Notebook (or laptop)!! It's Wicked Awesome!!!! I purchased an HP Pavillion dv1000!!! I can't stop using exclamation points!!! The Notebook has a Pentium 16 with 4096mb RAM, 5000TB hard drive, holographic display, and telepathic command structure. Okay, I'm lying, but it's {sooo gooood}. It's a 14" widescreen (allowing me to view the secret pictures on Alfa's homepage). I originally looked at the 12" but I couldn't type on it. My blog woulda' come out something like this:

This ismy fert virt 9sorr\\y, dyslexia) post usingmy brND NEW NTBOOK1

Notice the trouble I had making brackets, and spacing properly. And the CAPSLOCK button is so close to the "A" button that the end of the sentence came out like I was screaming. The thing even comes with a remote control for the "quick launch" DVD or music system. This means that I don't even have to turn the computer on, and it'll act as a movie viewer or jukebox. {NERD ALERT!} They run on a separate OS (linux {thanx Fars}) from the rest of the computer too. How sick is that?

Anyway, thanks Olaf for hooking me up. Olaf's got a man inside (Future Shop) who can swing him a few deals. I ended up with a discount and some free accessories. We celebrated by going to an All You Can Eat Chinese Imperial Buffet, and stuffing our faces with MSG!! No no, not Metal Gear Solid... Monosodium glutamate.
Okay, well I'm off. I need to D/L some necessary sh!t like Winamp, and stuff. Later kidz!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Drink Responsibly People!

Well first off, I'd like to say "happy birthday" to Marta, though it's actually on Tuesday. Last night the Jack's crew took her clubbing at Mink nightclub. It was quite a turn out, with great music (save for the fact that Massari was there, and ruined the mood by singing his songs). The guy totally sucks! He's such a pansy, that I have trouble distinguishing him from Shawn Desman!
I originally wasn't in the mood for clubbing, however I figured it had been a while since I'd joined a Jack's outing. I knew that I'd be missing out on an unforgettable night, had I not gone out. And what a night it was! I'm really glad that everyone had fun, however without getting into unnecessary details I'd just like to say: Please... PLEASE be responsible when drinking. I know it sounds parent-like to say so, but as last nights' events clearly demonstrated, the fun stops when someone goes too far. It pays to know what kind of drunk you are, and to be responsible about it. If you are the kind who becomes violent, or feels like they can take on the world when intoxicated, maybe you should set some restrictions on yourself. Perhaps you're the type who stumbles/gets dizzy/yaks/bumps into strangers... be sure you're with friends who are going to take care of you. You could be the horny type when hammered... unless you want to make a fool of yourself, don't get wasted in the company of the opposite sex. And above all, try not to take away from the person the party is for. If the night isn't dedicated to you, don't become a liability!!! The night will cease to be the VIP's, and instead be focused on the idiot who can't control themselves. Notice I didn't say "don't drink to the point of intoxication," because I do believe in having a little fun... all I'm saying is know yourself and be responsible.
On that note I'd like to give a gold star to those who didn't lose their cool last night, to those who didn't create unnecessary drama, and to those who where there for the people who really needed it: Fars, You Da Man! Splooge, your heart is greater than the best of us. Trish, your thoughts were on everyone (even those who weren't there).
I'm just glad that everyone is going to be fine, however I truly hope that those in need of a lesson, learned it well.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Codec Conversation

Colonel... This is Snake. I've gained access to J-rod's computer and have hacked through his password. It was simple. Can you believe his password was "Sam Fisher?" Who the F@ck is Sam Fisher? Anyway, I'm gonna need Mei Ling to walk me through this next step. Where is she anyway? She's hot!

I'm right here Snake. I'm grad you cawled, I ras getting a bit ronery. Anyray, you're goring to have to rog into Brogspot in order to continrue.

Hold on a sec... I don't understand a word you're saying. I'm gonna get Meryl to walk me through this instead. Now what was her codec number? Oh yes... 140.15!

What's up Snake? You need me to walk you through this? Can't you do that on your own? You're such a dumbass!! It's bad enough you think you can get away with being a walking cardboard box, but to not recognize your on brother while he's talking to you on codec.... Man!

Hold on a second! I don't have to listen to this! You'd better shut your mouth or I'm gonna choose the alternate ending where only Otacon and I escape! Got it?

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Hardest Button To Button

I've got a button! A linking button. Many, actually. Feel free to use them if you'd like to add a link to my site. Please save them on your own server.

Here are some of the buttons:

All the buttons available (including links) can be found in the "Button" section in the side bar to the right.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Wolvey's Been Hit!

The ScOS has been updated to include Wolverine's Healing Factor. Check it out, bub!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Indy, No more Parachute!

I have a cold. It sucks. I feel achy and headachy, and hot and cold, and lethargic and fidgetty, and I can't sleep, but my body is tired. I have to put up a front, though. I have to pretend that I'm "fit as a fiddle" ... whatever that means. You see, I GOT A NEW JOB!!! (see below) and I can't exactly call in sick on my first week; nor can I complain about wanting to leave. So far I've made quite an impression, and I don't want to start things off on "the wrong foot" ... whatever that means. So today, despite the pain in my throat, muscles, and head, I worked a 9 hour slow shift with a smile on my face, and a glad-to-be-here attitude. There was even talk of them needing me to stay longer, but thankfully that wasn't necessary.

Okay, so what's the new job I'm so exited about? Last week the old Fox & Fiddle on Lawrence East was officially turned into a Philthy McNasty's. Due to the unenjoyable discussion I had with my manager at Jack Astor's regarding poor scheduling, I thought I'd take it upon myself to look for more shifts elsewhere. Now I am the very model of a modern McNasty Bartender! Woo Hoo! I actually got the job a week and a half ago, but kept it on the DownLow for a while.

In other news, Halloween was pretty fun this year. I had the opportunity to put on some devil horns (pretty realistic too) on Saturday, so that I could go clubbing downtown. Leah (the cat) joined me in search of a friend of mine and a good club, but found neither. The costumes we saw downtown were amazing. There was even a guy dressed as Gary the terrorist from Team America. He had a couple of black cotton balls as a beard, and some brown smudge accross his face. He wore a turbin and kept saying "Derka Derka." If you've seen the movie you'd piss your pants (see the I'm So Ronery entry in July's blog). For the actual Halloween on Monday, I came into work #1 (Jack's) dressed as Indiana Jones. I love that costume, though I couldn't stop laughing when Trish snuck up to me from behind and said with a chinese accent "Indy, cover your heart!" Classic!

It's really crazy how life sure twists around on you. If I could go back in time 3 ½ months and tell myself that I'd be living somewhere else, working somewhere else, and doing half the things I never used to... Well I just wouldn't believe me.