.... The Messy Mind of J'rod: December 2005
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Friday, December 30, 2005

Rod of the Dead

Wish me luck...
I'm about to pull a 19.5 hour shift for new years. I have to wake up around 8am. I'm scheduled at Jack Astor's at 10am (but we all know that it takes forever to do the counts these days, plus I'm training Natalia on the bar {yes... Natalia}) so I'm coming in for 9am. By the time I'm outta there it'll be about 5:30pm, when I'm gonna race home to let the dog out (and now you know WHO). I'm then gonna race back to Philthy's for a 6pm to close shift. And New Years Eve is the only night where liquor establishments can serve alcohol until 3am. By the time we're all cleaned up and outta there it'll be about 4:30am when I get home.
Either way, I hope to see everyone at Philthy's for their kick-ass party. Cover is only $15 and you get lots of food and champaigne at midnight. It'll be packed!!
Okay, later all.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

What To Do With Myself

So I have officially moved into the old house once more. I'm watching the place (as well as the viscious, antisocial dog) for three months while the folks are in Florida. The biggest perk: They have this ridiculously comfortable couch that I've been sleeping on. It's so comfortable that I've had friends ask if they can sleep over. Woah!
I've given myself a lot to do, since I won't be leaving the house that often. I've aquired many television series sets like Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (seasons 1 and 2), and 24 Season 3. I also got some movies like Girl Next Door, and X-Men 2.
Hopefully I can work on that novel I've been writing for three years now. Gotta a big, uh, big stack of papers there. Gotta, gotta nice litte story I'm working on there. My big novel I've been working on for 3 years. Mmhmm.. Gotta, gotta compelling protaganist. Yeah. Gotta obstacle for him to overcome. Hmm. Gotta story brewing there. Working on, working on that for quite some time. Uh hugh. Yeah, talking about that 3 years ago. Been working on that the whole time. Nice little narrative. Beginning, middle, and end. Some friends become enemies, some enemies become friends. At the end my main character is richer from the experience. Yeah. Yeah.
Aww man, I deserve some time off.

Monday, December 26, 2005

What Dreams May Come

Zzzz.... Zzzz.... Hugh?
Oh, Good morning everyone! I just wanted everyone to know that I have a new section added to my blog. It's called, "What Dreams May Come" and is dedicated to my Rapid Eye Movement thoughts. I'm only going to use this section if I have an incredibly intense dream that is also interpretable into writing. Most of the stuff written here may seen really stupid and totally fictional, but you have to imagine the scenario as though it really happened to you.
I'm going back to sleep!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Noah's Birthday

This blog entry pretty much continues from where the Jack’s Xmas Party entry left off.

Pertaining to FarCry:
So following the morning party, Bee, Noah, and I returned to our mansion (ha ha) to play a little FarCry. I had previously designed two levels for the game, and was dying to try it out in multiplayer mode. The first level is called Water World, where the map resembles a giant half-sunken village. Each person can swim where they like, and stand above the rooftops and boardwalks to hunt each other down. Sniper towers are scattered throughout the map, as are water vehicles. In the far corner is a jungle island, where anyone can hide in the foliage. It is an amazing map, one I enjoy very much. The second map is called Jungle Gym as it is one giant jungle, with ramps twisting and turning throughout the large trees. The ramps go high and low as they all end up at one of many complexes. This map is a little too large for any less than six players, I believe. Either way, When D-Train came over, the three of them decided to gang up on me. You see, I’m not that good at many games, but for some reason I kick ass at FarCry. Even with the three of them hunting me down, I managed to hold my own quite well. In the entire two hours of gameplay, only once was I taken down (by D-Train), where I was able to boast several kills of my own. The highlight was when Bee was standing on a dock in the Water World. He was looking through his scope, and noticed me on an ATV. He said, “I see him, he’s on a vehicle.” Not two seconds later I ran over him from the side. He didn’t expect me to take the vehicle out on the dock!

Pertaining to Sushi:
As we worked up an appetite, we decided to head out to All-you-can-eat sushi. We met up with A-Sac, and gorged ourselves with salmon and the like. Thems’ good eatin’!

Pertaining to Philthy’s:
We then headed over to Philthy McNasty’s around 6:00pm and didn’t leave until 2:00am!!! Yeah… can you say, “ridiculous bill”?!? Soon we were graced with the prescence of Brad, Jenny and Peter, Ceci, Olaf, Dave N, Caramel, and Leppi. It was one great party. And I’m glad to present to you Noah’s moment of triumph and humility:

Anyhow, I hope everyone enjoyed themselves. I sure did. Be sure to check out the previous two blog entries, as they were all written just now.


Okay kids! I've unknowingly inspired Noah to make a blog of his own. It can be found at:
Or try the button I've added in the link section. It looks like this:

Jack's Xmas Party 2005

When you think of Jack Astor’s you think: fun and good times, parties and wild staff. But like last year, the Christmas party took place at 9:00am. It was hardly what you would call a wild and crazy time. It is rumoured that one of the other locations had a party that got a little too wild. The police got involved, and since then all Jack’s parties were to be toned down. This kinda’ sucks since Jack’s has totally moved away from its original theme (only to have Philthy McNasty’s take its place). Now the restaurant is more civilized and proper. But I suppose all good things…

Anyhow, for a morning party it was still pretty good. Everyone chilled around the tables, eating eggs, potatoes, and pork. The kids ran around while the managers maintained the scene. I brought in a gingerbread house that Leah and I made. The teeth of six year olds quickly destroyed it. Soon Santa Claus arrived, making the children laugh. He gave them presents, and then disappeared. Too bad D-Train missed him. Next up came the anniversary acknowledgments; I received my four-year pin, Bee got his five-year Jacket. Finally the gifts were handed out. Most of the stuff came from Molson or another one of our other reps.

It was then that we exchanged our Secret Santa gifts. I drew Olaf, and immediately knew what to get him. I looked everywhere for a remote control for his laptop (since he was so jealous about me having one), but they were nowhere to be found. The manufacturer didn’t even sell them separately. I resigned to gifts I knew he’d like, instead of love. I got him the Married With Children Season 1 DVD, and Chappelle's Show Season 1. I also got him a key-chain with six buttons on it. Each button gave a Stewie (Family Guy) remark like, “Blast you vile woman!” You’ll be sure to hear it all next month throughout Jack’s. I was lucky enough to receive The Chronicles Of Narnia Xbox game from Bee; along with two awesome medieval knights toys that were only held together through magnetism.

I handed out my famous Christmas cards (Cozy's and Leppi's seen below), giving everyone a laugh (I hope I didn’t offend anyone). They took me like, 45 minutes each, and I made 16 of them. I apologize if you didn’t receive one, but I was so pressed for time. Anyhow, Merry Christmas to all, and all a good Chanukah!

Thursday, December 15, 2005


The day started off pretty good. I even went into Jack’s in a good mood. The shift started off normal, save for the constant aggravation the staff had with our newest member of the management team. They were all talking about how petty she is, and how nazi-like she was running things. I said that I personally had no problems with her, and had no reason to dislike her. Well, that changed pretty fast. Around 7:00pm that bar was dead, so I told Brad (the other bartender) that I was just gonna run out for a sec to grab some photos I had developed next door. He was cool with that. Not 2 minutes later I was back with the photos, and back on the bar. The new manager asked if I just went out to get the pics. I didn’t want to lie, so I said yes. Soon after, she told me that since I went off the property without anyone knowing, she would treat the time out as my break as punishment. I told her she couldn’t do that. It’s against the law to not give someone a break, and I was back sooner than anyone’s smoke break would’ve taken. So she basically said, “fine, but we’ll have to thing of some kind of reprimand.” Soon after the GM walks up to me and says, “look, we really don’t need to complicate things here. Next time just say ‘hey, I’m gonna step out for a second’ so at least we know where you are.” Now, I’ve had my tiffs with Steve in the past, but what he said to me was the right thing to say. If this new manager had only said that to me, things would’ve been okay. But instead she made a humongous deal out of it; told the GM, and caused a stir. Even after all was said and done, I had a f*cking sh!tty-ass night because I couldn’t get myself into a good mood again. And guess what? She then left the building to move her car to a closer spot. You know who she told? Just me. Anyone else needing the only manager on duty would have no idea where she was.

Later, I was still angry and decided I was justified in sneaking an onion straw. I picked it up and drew it to my mouth, then turned to my left. And there was the kitchen manager, staring right at me. BUSTED! I said, “aww, you caught me,” and threw it out. It just wasn’t my day. After the restaurant closed, the new manager came into the bar and poured herself some white cranberry juice. Now for those of you that know me, I’m not a stickler regarding all of the bar rules. Normally I wouldn’t care less if the manager wanted something a little better than pop or coffee. But if you’re going to rat me out for something as mundane as leaving the premises for not more than 2 minutes, than you bet your ass I’m gonna make it known that you’re hindering the food cost. I can’t take a measly onion straw, and you’re going to pour yourself a cup of cranberry juice? TSK! TSK! I’m watching you now!

Did you know that Brad decided on his own accord to thoroughly clean the bar? He removed all the glassware, and wiped the counters. He then cleaned the entire pop machine, and finally the twister machine. In the middle of all this, the new manager walked up to him and said, “Can you please pick the garbage up off the floor” pointing to one straw, and one bottle cap. WTF!!! I know the SQM report includes no garbage on the floor, but can’t you see he just went above and beyond the call of duty to clean the bar? All I have to say is: PICK YOUR F*CKING BATTLES!!!

Well, now that that’s off my chest, I can go to sleep.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

What's Wrong With Me?

I didn't get one minute of sleep last night. And it wasn't for lack of trying.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Olaf's Legal In Most Parts Of The World

Happy Birthday Olaf!! You 21 year old you!!! I was gonna get you a stripper, but the girls wanted to get you a cute stuffed teddybear. So we compromised...

It was really great seeing everyone at Philthy McNasty's tonight. Work woulda' sucked a lot had you guys not showed. It was totally great seeing Olaf YAK in the toilet, as I'd shout "That's what you get after what you did to me on my birthday, you d!ck!!!" He took it well though. And I'm glad he enjoyed his good ol' fashioned Jack Astor's SHWING! in the middle of Philthy's dance floor! The whip cream was everywhere.
On another note, Splooge and D-Train decided to take the Showdown Burger challenge. At Philthy's if you can eat their 1 1/2 pound burger with all the fixings (including cheese, bacon, onion, pickle, tomato, lettuce, and the bun), plus the fries in 7 minutes, they give it to you free!! They also put your picture up on the wall and give you an "I passed the Showdown burger challenege" T-Shirt. Olaf did it on Tuesday in 6:42. Sadly, The Train and Splooge couldn't beat the clock. To their defence, the emcee made them laugh with cheap jokes and Chapelle impersonations, while others would shout things like "who ever finishes last has to sleep with Rochelle."
I'm glad everyone had fun! I got to see a semi-drunk Marta, a drunk Mars, and a really drunk Leila (hostess with the mostess). Woogie: You're getting too many girls for your own good. Dave P: You're buying too many shots for your own good. Richie: You're too fuggin' tall! Lee: you're too fuggin' shor... I mean, uh... happy.
Let's all keep having fun in making such unforgettable memories!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Same Bat Time, Same Bat Routine.

Well, not a whole heck of a lot has been going on lately. My weekly routine seems to consist of the following:
Wake up, move very, very slowely around my room until I get myself together, get my necessary sh!t done (like bill payments), then go to work. I close at work, then go home. Play around on the computer, then go to bed. Then I wake up, move very, very slowely... well, you get it.
The good news is, is I'm saving a fair amount of money. Good timing too, with Christmas coming and all. I've already purchased a few of the gifts on my list, and of course, bought some gifts for myself (stupid, stupid, stupid!).
Well, it's off to work I go... same bat time.