.... The Messy Mind of J'rod: March 2006
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Friday, March 31, 2006

Home.. Home on the Manor

Well kids,I'm home at last after spending 3 months in the dog house. No wait... I mean 3 months taking care of the dog and the house. It was fun, it was quiet, and it definitely was an adventure with the friggin' dog (3rd animal from the left above the blog). Funny thing is, it didn't really seem like 3 months had passed, but when does time ever move slowly in today's society?

So now that I'm home it's time for spring cleaning. It's time to throw out the junk, and polish everything else (so naturally I'm throwing away all of Bryan's stuff, and polishing mine... okay, I'm joking, I just had to pick on him for some reason).

Taxes are done (and NO, you can't claim your school books), and it's time to blow the refund on some new clothing. I'll try and grow up a little and stay away from the T-shirts with sayings on them.
Did you hear what the pods said about your mother?

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I just love spring!!!

I had this dream the other night where I was a GI Joe, and I was fighting off the Cobra forces, and Destro was on my side 'cause he didn't like Cobra Commander either, and I had this staff with a pointed tip that I'd throw at people, and it would return to me, but when it did I had to be careful because the pointed part would be focused on me.  Weird hugh?
I dunno about the rest of you, but I feel I'm at my best when spring is in the air. I'm always more energetic and happy during spring. Maybe it's the feeling of a new beginning. Maybe I'm like Superman and get my energy from the sun. Either way, I love it! Today alone I practiced my bottle flairing, practiced guitar, advanced my story, and (obviously) updated my blog. On a winter afternoon I'd be plopped out on the couch watching Star Trek re-runs or something. Okay... I'm off to work!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

I'm wearing Hanes!

I really haven't posted a Science of Superheroes paragraph for ages. I guess I'm a little bored of the idea right now. Actually it boils down to laziness. If I'm going to analyze a super power, I have to do some research. That's a lot of effort.

So what's everyone gonna do once Jack Astor's closes up? I mean, the friends I've made through the company are great, and I know that no matter how much you mean to stay in touch you always drift from everyone. I think we should have a huge celebration (bitches) party, the day after close. That way everyone can come (no excuses like, "I have to work in the morning"). So if the entire mall is closing up, does that mean we can trash the place? I really want to blow up that Yves Rocher store, 'cause the employees scare me, and I can't pronounce their friggin' name! Ever notice how their employees always travel in twos, with their white flap-jackets on? Scary. I also want to throw a bunch of superballs in that china shop (Ko's), just for kicks.

Next one the list: So our Bartender's Competition is coming up in a month. I don't think Lee and I will be ready by then. I guess when push comes to shove...
We've already put our songs together, and got the beginning down, but there's still a long way to go. I'm actually not as enthused about it this year for some reason. Maybe it's because I know that even if we win, we won't be around to see the Internationals. I suppose I can still enter the Alumni tourny this year.
Did you know that Superman is a dick? (http://www.superdickery.com/)

One last thing... If there are any normal people left in the world, would you please stand up.

Saturday, March 18, 2006


Okay, so it's been a long time since I posted anything significant. Well, ski cup was cool. I guess I've been really out of it lately. Everything is pretty routine right now. I'm still looking after the dog and house; I'm still working only a few days a week. I'm still writing a lot. Actually, I've been quite creative ever since I moved to the dog house. I've been drawing, writing, making crappy-ass Jack's songs (for all you fans out there, I made a new one called "Supervise" from Superman by Eminem).
Well, this entry would've been longer, but I'm being dragged out to Fox 'n' Fiddle for drinks. It is St. Patrick's day after all. Later kids!!!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

BrewSki Cup 2006

Well kids, I haven't updated the site in like, a month. I've just been so busy with other stuff and I {insert lame excuse here}. But now I'd like to bring to you... The Jack Astor's 2006 Ski Cup. The event begins on a Monday evening in Blue Mountain, where everyone gathers for a night of dancing and drinking with other Jack Restaurants. People mingle, get plastered, and do Sh*t they normally would never do, all in the name of fun. We then retire in our own chalets (or in the beds of a newly aquired bed buddy). In the morning there is a ski race involving the 4 best skiers of each store. Following this is a Mascot Race, where a unique mascot on skis is built. It is sent down a small hill with a jump at the end. The best landing wins. There is a Lip Synch competition in the evening of the second night, where the best performance takes the trophy. Following this is another crazy drunken party, until finally the sun rises on Wednesday.

Well, even though I didn't really get drunk this year, I had an awesome time! There's nothing like getting away with your friends, and creating some solid memories. All in all... everyone behaved (well, there was a little mischief), everyone had fun, and WE FRIGGIN' SCORED SECOND IN BOTH THE MASCOT RACE AND LIP SYNCH!!!!! That's an incredible feat of those of you who don't know. We competed against 15 other stores! Not only that... We placed in the top 5 for the ski team, we were the only ones with a banner (there used to be a Banner Contest, but they may have phased that out), and we hosted a killer party in our chalet after the lip synch. DJ Trailer Park played for like 300 people. It was nuts! 300 people in one chalet; mostly on one floor. Okay, you gotta see the pics. They can be found in MY MSN SPACE on my MSN contact card.
New nicknames assigned:
Bryan -- Coltrain
Brad -- Bull Horn
Ryan -- Trailer Park (Still)
Chris -- Doorman
Dimitri -- Getaway driver
Lee -- Ping Pong
Elliot -- Smelliot.. no wait, that's taken.. Harry Potter ('cause he slept under the stairs)
Casey -- you have enough nicknames... seriously. Ask your friend John.
Jeremy -- Jewemy
Dave N. -- Dave P.
Dave P. -- Dave N.
Noah -- TNT
Danny -- You took my poker chips! I ain't giving you a nickname!
Steve -- Steve.