.... The Messy Mind of J'rod: April 2006
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Saturday, April 29, 2006


So I got a job at The Brasserie, on Richmond and John. It's a really nice looking place. Actually, I was supposed to be transfered from Jack Astor's to another Sir Corp establishment, but like the rest of the crew I was mearly refered by my manager. This means there is no guarentees, do to the fact that you still have to go through the interviewing process. What kind of B.S. is that? There is no severance package to anyone employed under five years, and there is no straight transfers. They justify the lack of severance by giving us "four weeks notice" that the restaurant is closing.
Although I already got my "transfer," I really feel for those who still aren't sure what is going to happen to them.

So back to the Brasserie...
The place is really nice looking, that atmosphere is great, and everyone there is chillaxed! I don't have to deal with kids at all, and seldom do I deal with drunken annoying people. In fact the typical crowd is between 25 - 35 year old, slightly pretensious rich people (who I enjoy serving). They order Cosmopolitans more often than beers! The employees are all typical downtown characatures, being really artsy, or really fashion forward. Th food is quite good, though the selection is limited. And they own a $23,000 cappacino machine (yes.. three zeroes). It wasimported from Italy, looks like it could travel through time with all the dials and knobs. Still, with a machine that expensive, you'd think it wouldn't weed you so friggin' much trying to froth the milk!

So Barcomp is under two weeks away. Guess Lee and I should get started soon. Hehe!
I'm thinking we'll get together and think of something in about a weeks time. In all seriousness we've been practicing quite hard, and I hope the other teams are doing the same. I want this one to be a good one, since it'll be the last one DMC will ever see.
Shit! It's 4am now and I just realized that I have a staff meeting at Jack's in 5 hours! Gotta go!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Happy Easter Weekend!

don't click me, I'm ticklish!Happy Easter, for all those who celebrate. It's been a pretty eventful week, what with Bee's B-day and all. We had some of the guys over and we jammed for a few hours. We had Cozey on vocals and the harmonica, with occasional lead guitar. Bee did the baseline for one song; where I did the baseline for another. I played lead guitar when casey didn't, and D-Train was on drums (or rather bongos). 'Twas a fun night. Olaf recorder the fiascal on video if anyone wants to see it. I think we need a few more jam nights.

Last night I went out with Alley-cat and her friend to Tonic (what a ghetto place). It was so packed in there we couldn't even dance, not that I was in the mood for it. I guess we all weren't feeling it, since we left after half an hour. I think I'm getting too old for clubs. the music was good and all, but it's just not my scene anymore.

And work... well tonight I worked at Philthy's, and it was ghost town. I totally expected it since it's Easter and all. Last night they were so rammed, there was a fifteen minute wait outside at 1:00am!! The place was jam packed. I have a feeling tomorrow's gonna be that way too, seeing as everyone'll want to get out after spending the holiday with their families. Besides, it's Hawaiian night, and all the girlies are gonna be dressed in coconut bras, and grass skirts. If you're lucky you'll get leid. Next weekend is the wet T-shirt contest (I get to work that night). It's good to see Philthy's picking up now that summer is upon us. They're gonna start doing crazy shit like that every weekend!

And Jack's... everyone won't stop talking about the closing of the restaurant. I'm getting sick of the questions, and the rumours. Yes, our last day is on the 27th of May. Yes, they'll likely be transfering us all. No, there isn't likely to be a severance package. Yes, I'll miss the people. No, I don't know where I'm going. Yes, it is likely they'll build a new Jacks in like, 2008. Hopefully I'll have a life by then, and won't be the sole returning employee by then.

All right, that's it for now kids. I'm Peter Jacobsen saying so long to Golden Tee Golf!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

I Just Wanna Bitch!

Ravage..Eject!I had a whole shpeel prepared, regarding relationship etiquette. It entailed the “do’s” and “don’ts” while attempting to show courtesy toward your significant other. But then I realized that many people are greedy in their relationships. They feel that their man/woman should try harder to please them, or they’ll just dump their sorry ass! I have a friend who tells me all the time “If he’s not paying attention to my needs, then screw him,” but my friend has no desires to please him in the first place. It’s as though she believes that men are only on the planet for her amusement. I have another friend who can’t make up her mind about whether she’s going to keep her boyfriend, or dump him. She keeps him around, I think, because she doesn’t want to have to re-teach a new guy all her quirks and ways. But she doesn’t go out of her way to please him; rather he goes out of his way to please her, and if she’s satisfied, then he’ll get some tail.

Now, I have really great friends, but sometimes I have to question where their mannerisms came from.

Meanwhile, I can be quite the hypocrite. I find that I am extremely picky regarding who I wish to date; often finding flaws in women that I can use as an excuse to scratch her off the list. But then I go around and tell people in blogs like this that people should be more accommodating in relationships. That they should take the good with the bad, and in some cases make the bad a good thing.

I just remember a time where people were relatively normal, and not everyone had a weird quirk that made them so different from everyone else. Now it’s a search for a needle in a haystack just to find an attractive, level-headed girl, who isn’t friggin’ crazy!

Truth is, I’m venting because I was struck with a very large emotional blow today, and I need to just bitch! Thanks for listening.