.... The Messy Mind of J'rod: May 2006
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Sunday, May 28, 2006

It is now only memories and photos

All Hail Unicron!So that is that. Jack Astor's DMC is finally closed, after about nine years of awesome memories. I recently realized that I had been at Jack's for five years from May 21st, and they were probably the best years of my life.

Last night was a sensory overload as absolutely everyone congregated at Jack's for its final evening of operation. Staff and regulars alike recalled (and some cried over) the great times they all shared, as booze and food were quickly disappearing. It was great to be with not only the final crew of DMC, but some of my original crew from when I first started. D.K., Bok Choy, Steve C., Matty, and Marie all showed up for the final closing of the restaurant.

As Steve hastily (and not so nicely) kicked us all out, we migrated to Philthy McNasty's (my old stomping ground) to drink and be merry! So not only did I get to be with friends from Jack's, I got to see some of the people I missed at Philthy's. Even Leah came out (and she's NEVER been out to Philthy's). Spun by DJ Trailer Park, the music was pumpin' as the crew danced the night away. Had I not have had this insufferable cold, the evening would've been absolutely perfect!
I just want to say that I'm not only going to miss the people, but I'm going to miss the outings we had, the antics we pulled, and the laughs we shared. Thank you everyone for making this stage in my life a great one. See you all downtown!!!

Ravage, eject!

P.S. Thewe was dimitwi, and Jewemy, and Mawta, and Kaz, and Danny, and Jawed, and Taki, and Nigel, and Mawy, and Mewissa, and Lauwa, and Bwyan, and Gen, and Sean, and Matty, and Mawie, and D.K., and Bok Choy, and Ioana, and John Wusso, and Ewaina, and Steve C., and Juwlie, and Wee, and Natawya, and Chad, and Dave N., and Evine, and Bweanne, and Moose, and Michewwe, and Towan, and Dwayne, and Tewwance, and Quincy, and Awielle, and Cawmewwa, and Cwayton, and Nowah, {us good wooking guys gotta stick togetha'} and Kawan, and Andy (Bwown), and Weah, and Katwina, and Tamawa, and Mike Angus, and other Wegulars like Chwis and John, and Wamy, and thewe was Emma, and Steve B., and Owaf, and Wolvewine Steve, and Dawyll, and Jaquewine, and Nick, and Jowanne, and her bwother and sistew, and Weiwa, and Keiwa, but no Twish!

Friday, May 26, 2006

My Last Night!!!

Whew! I’m friggin’ tired! Here I am at 11:27 PM on the 25th of May, scratch that… 11:28 PM, listening to an Eminem song I’ve never heard before called “Under the Influence.” It really sucks (and this is coming from a loyal fan). Bizarre just put in some words. Guess it’s a D12 song. I just got home from a patio split at The Brasserie, after closing the night before at Jack’s. It was threatening to rain today, but the patio was packed, none-the-less. I’m astounded at the average checks at Brasserie. Two people average $60, and a party of 5 rakes up a $130 bill! Tipping is pretty good, unless you make a tiny mistake. Then the pretentious “guests” feel it necessary to teach you a lesson by not leaving anything. It’s too bad the amazing tips are cancelled out by a 4.5% tip-out. FOUR AND A HALF PERCENT!?! WTF!! 1% bartender, 1.5% Busser, 2% to the house (kitchen and hostess). Don’t get me wrong. We need the busser, what with having 10 table sections, but why tip out the house? Don’t they already get paid? So my $60 dollar lunch turned into a $40 lunch. And it’s been so long since I’ve been a server; I’ve forgotten what it’s like. I went from being in a respected position (guest point of view to a bartender), to a disrespected position (guest point of view to a server). Ah well. After working a split, it was worth it.

An added bonus occurred when someone accidentally ordered a soup-de-jour instead of the French onion soup. I got to have it! Okay, that sounds silly, but you’ve never tried the Brasserie’s made from scratch Carrot Ginger soup. It’s SOOOOOO good!

On another note, the Jack Astor’s DMC final Staff Party began around 10pm last night, and I was bartending. Jeremy, Marta, and I pulled in $3000 when we closed at 1am. We practically made a months rent in tips!!! Thanks friends!!!
But I’m not writing this to brag. I actually wanted to say thank you to everyone that made my experience at Jack’s unforgettable. To all the staff I’ve had the pleasure of working with; to all the awesome guests; it’s been amazing! Last night was my last shift behind the DMC bar, and it couldn’t have ended with a bigger bang. Not only was I working during a kick-ass party, but I was working with my favourite coworkers. I don’t know how I would’ve remembered Jack’s, had my last night been a dull one.

I’m gonna miss everyone, though I suspect we’ll still have many outings together (considering we’re all working in the same district downtown). Don’t worry, I’ll be there for the final night on Saturday.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Ronni's Journal

I Love Jarvis!

Dear Diary,

Today was a pretty good day, for the most part (though "for the most part" seems a little... sad. But then again, "for the most part" could mean that it was somewhat good). I stayed at home and did almost nothing. Though as I watched my cat, I had this tendancy to kick it like a football. That's pretty much what cats are good for. That, and for being able to use the word "pussy" without getting slapped by mom (sorry mom, you can't touch me).

I think I'll name my diary "Kelli" because it's such a Ronni thing to do.

Deary Kelli (with an "i"),

Today was a pretty good day, for the most part. I went to visit by bestest friend (and secret crush) Jared, at Jack Astor's today. He made me a good chick-drink; my sister tagged along and had pop. We were both staring at Jared's ass the whole time thinking...

How does he get that bottle opener to stick on his shirt like that?

So, Kelli (still with an "i"), I was thinking of throwing a party so that my friends and I can meet new people. Of course since I'm a vegetarian, I hate meating people. Ah well.

I should get a button that says "Only Idiots Read Buttons."

Well Kelli, I think that's all I have to say tonight. Sincerely, Ronni.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Gonna need a Tide Pen here!

MirageThe Brasserie... What an interesting place. Everything before I got there was lingering and aimless; as though it had no direction or purpose. They had just gone through restaffing after losing most of their managers, and many standards and rules went out the window. Only now are they getting back on track with regulations. They are once again making an identity for themselves. I say this because I just came from a staff meeting regarding new concepts and guideliness. The new managers want to make it clear what should and shouldn't be done.
Thoroughout most of the meeting, I sat there silent, thinking "duh!" to most of the changes. "From now on we are going to put spoons out with the soups, and knives out with the steaks. It's better than trying to remember to do it before the entree hits the table."
"What if we get a glass rack for the glassware and bring dirty glasses to dishpit instead of cluttering up the bar with them? That way the bartender won't be so busy putting glassware in the dishwasher."
It astounds me that the restaurant was running without common sense for so many years. The service bar has to be the smallest I've ever seen, especially for a building that size; and they never thought to get a glass rack for the dishpit?!?
...Anyway, now that things are getting back to normal, I'm beginning to see that the restaurant is gonna be great to work for. The food is excellent, the atmosphere is great, and it's right downtown! I'm just glad I'm starting just as things are getting good, instead of when things could be bad. The only thing I'm concerned about is the fact that they've changed the uniform standard to ALL WHITE from top to bottom. White shoes, white pants, white top, and white holster server's apron. And (get this...) the feature drink is gonna be a pomegranate margarita. WHITE CLOTHES AND A POMEGRANATE FEATURE DRINK!!!! Can you spell disaster in plainer english?!?
So that's it for now... I'm outtie!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Barcomp 2006

So Barcomp was a blast. I'm so happy with the turn out. Almost everyone was there!! The bar packed up soon after 7pm, and from there the festivities began. There was some good (Mexican themed) food such as Tilapia (fish), and these tasty burrito's! Smirnoff gave out some bev's as well as Cuervo (TEQUILA!!). I'll try to upload some pictures as soon as I get some, and hopefully we can get a copy of the show (filmed by The Train himself).

The show kicked off with Gen and Danny. Their performance consisted of an amalgamation of Latin dance with flair. It was an impressing show. Unfortunately the crappy sound equipment gave out half way through, forcing them to continue without music. The judges wouldn't dock them on something like that, but it must've been unnerving to have to continue like that. The music finally came back on, and they finished their routine. Though there were a few bumps, I was impressed with their skill. But I'm a little biased when it comes to Gen. As my first International partner, I believe she's just awesome at flairing!

The next contestants were Marta and Jeremy. The newly tanned duo focused their routine on what they knew was their best attributes: Speed. The two twirled and spun around each other to make (a Jack's DMC record breaking) 18 drinks within their 6 minute routine. The wood was covered in beverages by the time they were finished. It looked awesome! Spectacular! Stupendous! Outrageous! Celebration Bitches!

The third group to square off was Bryan and Brad. Deemed the underdogs of the competition, the two practiced hard (but not long) to rise up to second place! Though they constantly spilled liquid all over the place, and made (what I think is another record) the biggest mess one could make in 6 minutes, their energy was extremely; getting the crowd to chant with them throughout the entire performance. Once again the music cut out, but that didn't deter the two from completing their task. You guys rock!

The final team was the Boys of Summer: Lee and (myself) Jared. After spending nearly 20 minutes trying to clean up after the previous team, we finally were ready to go. Previously, D-Train and I began filming a segment where Lee was to call me and tell me the barcomp was in ten minutes. I'd be right on the harborfront, and I'd have to pass various places and people to get to Jack's. We filmed for days, trying to get it done, and in the end it looked spectacular! Though I must say that there was absolutely no way it would've looked half as good if it weren't for the extreme talents that Zane possesses. His editing skill (not to mention his Quad-processor computer) made the feature possible.

The Video was a hit, as everyone laughed at each segment, and shouted the names of all the cameos. I'm sorry I couldn't include everyone, but half the time no one was available during our filming hours. Anyway, our show began shortly after as the audience shouted our names. I had so much fun doing it, though I have to admit I got lost in the moment, as I don’t recall any of the music! I was so transfixed on doing the show that I barely remember doing it! Though we came out on top, I would’ve had just as much fun otherwise. I want to make a special commendation for Lee, who worked extremely hard toward the routine. Being the only non-bartender to perform, he had to learn all the drink recipes for the written test; he had to do a speed test with me behind the bar; he even had to do a blind pour test (and actually did better than me!). Congrats Lee!! I hope the memory stays with you forever!

Anyway, to all of you who came out to support me… Thank you so much! I will never forget that night!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Mr. Sandman and the Barcomp

Swoop say you made of medium balony!Okay, after 6 days without sleep I finally saw the doctor. He gave me a prescription for a stronger allergy supressant that would knock me out. He told me the lack of sleep could also be stress or anxiety, so DON'T MAKE ME MAAAADDDDDD!!!!
Anyway, I'm rested now... finally. And in the right amount of time too. The Barcomp is tonight and I need to be rested for that. Hope to see you all there. Wish me good luck!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Allergy Alert!

It's been 5 days since I had a proper nights' sleep. Each night for the past 5 days I've slept for 3 hours max. The rest of those nights were tossing and turning. I don't even know what it's all about, considering I've had allergies all my life and have ways of dealing with them. But it seems like whenever I try to go to sleep, my nose gets ridiculously stuffed up, and I can't breathe. Plus I used to have a particular way of sleeping. I used to start facing one way, and then turn the other way just before drifting off into la la land.

On top of that, my mind seems to be too active for me to sleep. It's like I have so much to think about while lying there; so my mind never drifts off. Maybe the lack of sleep has to do with the fact that so much is going on at once. I have the new job, which I'm trying to make a good impression at, plus my other two jobs in the meantime (though I gave my two weeks for Philthy's). I have the barcomp to think about, which is taking up a lot of my free time. This barcomp means a lot to me since it'll be the last one I'm likely to be in unless I decide to do the Alumni one in August. And being the foremost Flair-bartender, I'm trying to make sure all the shows are good to go. I have a few other more PERSONAL matters that seem to keep me awake thinking about.

The one problem I remedied was that the friggin' street light tends to shine right through the tiny crack between my window drapes, and into my eyes. I moved all my furniture in the room so that my bed wasn't beside the window anymore. It seems to help a little. But if I don't get sleep soon I'm going to be in serious trouble. I even resorted to over-the-counter sleeping pills for Monday and Wednesday night (just because I couldn't risk not sleeping before working at the new job {though I still didn't sleep anyway, so screw that idea}).


In other news, Dimitri set up a message board for everyone employed at Jack's. It's a way for all of us to keep in touch with each other once the restaurant closes up. I think it's a wonderful idea. Kudo's Deech!. The link can be found here:


Just register your name and profile, and start messaging!


So the gang is in Mexico right now. Trailer-Park is marrying his fiance down there. Hope everyone has a tone of fun taking a run in the sun... shun, stun, bun, pun .