.... The Messy Mind of J'rod: July 2006
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Monday, July 17, 2006

ScOS and the DMC Board

Me Snarl, Grimlock's sidekickThe Science of Superheroes has been updated to include information regarding Superman. It isn't a scientific breakdown of his powers, as much as it is a general blog about the guy.
Furthermore Blogspot is giving me problems when I try to upload pictures, so for now my posts are gonna be mostly pictureless.

So the DMC website seems to be dying, as Brad, D-Train, and myself are the only ones kicking around in there (aside from the occasional spittle from Jeremy or Roxy). CLEAR! *Thump!* ..........CLEAR! *Thump!* .............
Let's try to revive it shall we?

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

What a friggin day!

What a day!
(I'm keeping this in point form so you get the jist)
-woke up after only 4 hours sleep (room too hot)
-got to work early (took Kazu's shift) only to find I wasn't early at all. Kaz said "11:30", schedule said "10:30"
-Started at 10:30am to open restaurant
-Gm went into office, never saw her for hours
-Found out that they were rammed the night before and ran out of the following items: linen (for roll-ups.. had to use napkins), Calamari, Dip Sampler, Chicken Penne
-Server's the night before didn't close properly, so we picked up the slack
-the place was dead 'til 2:00pm
-We got slammed!
-Assistant Kitchen Manager never showed up, thinking it his day off. Kitchen short staffed. Food slow to go out
-15 tables constantly being turned (ranging from 2 seaters to 8 seaters), always having no fewer than 9 open tables.
-ran out of Poutine
-lunch rush died around 4:00pm for and hour
-Linen came in, rolled cutlery from night before and afternoon rush (thousands of forks!)
-ate lunch on the fly, never clocking out or doing cashout
-rush picked up again around 5:00pm, and didn't stop!!
-Ran out of Muscles (scratch 3 more items on menu)
--Again, 15 tables constantly being turned (ranging from 2 seaters to 8 seaters), always having no fewer than 9 open tables.
-sat 6 tables in a row!! (F*cking hostesses!)
-many foreigners, no tipping
-ran out of vege spring rolls
-Went mad!
-ran out of creme brulee, rice pudding
-guests complain about lack of menu options due to shortages
-ran out of cheesecake
-Rush finally died down around 11:30pm (Yes... 6 and 1/2 hours later with a min of 9 tables during the whole 6 hours, varying from 2 seaters to 8 seaters!!)
-Gm returns from office unaware of crazy day
-Side duties neglected throughout entire shift. Caught up from 11:30pm-1:00am
-Last table left around 1:00am.. did cashout
-Sold 2G's all day
-due to 4.5% tip out, gave away $90 of my tips
-got Tim Horton's French Vanilla
-Ran for last subway bus
-Reached home around 2:00am
-Died a little inside
And that was my open-close day at Brasserie. Geeze!!!
I've actually been meaning to write a blog update for wuite some time, but I've been working my ass off for the past month. Brasserie usually produces such low income for servers, that I barely made rent for July (and I mean JUST BARELY). But then suddenly I'm rammed all day today, and make a third of rent in one shift?!?! WTF!!! Talk about varying income!
I just wanted to have an easy day, and be cut early so I could work on my story on some patio. ARGG!!
This is actually the first day of me not being so depressed or grumpy. The past few weeks had me quite hostile towards work, friends, family... I was really stressed. Much of it was personal, but it also had to do with work. Hopefully the spell is broken and I can be my charming self again.