.... The Messy Mind of J'rod: September 2006
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Thursday, September 28, 2006

My Day Off.

I have a day off!
Funny I should say that. Back when I worked for Jack Astor's I was there only 3-4 days a week. I either had school, or just wanted to take it easy. I knew I could survive off of three days a week, but I wouldn't be saving anything.
Now, with wanting to save up for bigger and better things, and with work being short staffed -- well I feel lucky on the days I only have one shift. Yesterday was an open (9:00am) until about 8:30pm, after closing the night before. Tomorrow is another open to 7:00ish.
Long days, I tells ya', long days.
I even find that I'm too tired to do anything on my days off. Today I spent most of my time watching TV/movies, and sat on the internet. I did force myself to get outside for a bit. And to be a little productive I worked on my book for a while, though I'd've like to have spent more time on it. But with so few days off, I find I have to pack things into one day, making it go by so fast.
I was supposed to get a haircut, which I'll try now for Friday morning. I was also supposed to help Noah paint his new place, though I didn't actually get his message until much later. I was also going to meet my mother to help her buy a new cell phone downtown today, b/c I know a guy who may be able to hook us up. Also I was going to meet up with Kathryn today since I haven't seen her in a while. You see how many things have to be put into 24 hours when you're working so much? At least I got my laundry done.
Next Sunday is going to be the same thing again, as there's a Jewish holiday (Yom Kippur), my friend's birthday (Victor's turning 1000 years old), and other engagements I have all at once! Ah well, at least I'm keeping busy.

I watched Hoodwinked today. Hilarious movie. I laughed all through it, and I don't think it was 'cause I was gitty from all the MSG and caffeine I had today. The squirrel was jokes, Andy Dick was great, and the references never seemed to end (plus the police officers were pigs, literally).

And with my internet back I was able to watch an old episode of The Outer Limits that I remember from my youth. It guest starred Robert Patrick and Wil Wheaton, and was about the last survivors on a ship heading for an alien homeworld. The premise involved the ship being heavily damaged during the war with these aliens. It carries with it a bomb, capable of destroying the alien planet. The mission was a secret last resort to end the war, and Wil’s character would stop at nothing to see it through. He played a cadet who was determined to make his General father proud. Robert Patrick plays another surviving officer who turns out to be a disguised alien. The reason I liked this episode (as most of the series sucked) was because the writing was great, and the characters (at least Wil’s) had depth. Throughout the episode Wil keeps stating how great his father was, and how much he wants to be a great hero like him. Robert is a veteran who tries to school the boy, saying that things aren’t always black and white. In the end he’s revealed to be an alien, and kills everyone but Wil, who manages to kill the alien. Here’s the spoiler (if you somehow ever get a hold of the episode, don’t read this part):
After the huge struggle to get the ship back online before it reaches the alien homeworld, Wil finally makes it to the launching bridge. He’s battered, bruised, and suffering from radiation poisoning. He’s defeated the alien spy, and is the last survivor capable of carrying out the vital mission to destroy the enemy homeworld. But as he’s setting the countdown from 30, the door to the bridge is being cut open. He knows the aliens are going to kill him, and all he can do is watch the timer, knowing in 30 seconds he’ll be a great hero like his father. But just as the counter gets to about 4 seconds, the door opens, and it’s humans! They’re shouting “What did you do cadet?”
Turns out that Robert Patrick’s character turned the ship back to Earth, and deceived the survivors. The credits roll in just as you see the massive bomb floating towards Earth.
Awesome story, as you quickly realize that things aren’t so black and white. This would be hero is now the destroyer of his own race. So awesome.

Okay, ‘nuff of that. I’ve also been a little obsessed with playing the beginning to Stairway To Heaven by Led Zepplin. Cool tune to fingerpick to. I’ve also installed a program called Guitar Pro that allows you to write (and hear) sheet music on the computer. You can do tablature, drum beats, and standard music sheets. It’s pretty cool.

So here’s the scoop… Bee and I are gonna plan a party for the end of October. The excuse is my birthday, but I really just want to see everybody, as it feels like it’s been too long. It’ll probably be the last Sunday or Monday of the month, as those days are easy to book off. I’ll update you later.

Okay, enough blogging for now. Catcha’ in a bit.
P.S. watch the new Strongbad email, it’s pretty funny.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Return of the Messy Mind.

My internet is back!! thanks Byron!
More to come soon. Very Soon.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A month without contact from the outside world!

Well nuts!
It's officially been a month since I've been able to post anything on my blog, and I'm resorting to a Cyber Cafe! We're now going on a month of no cable or internet. ARGGG!!! (mind the spelling, I'm not used to this keyboard)
Well, at least I've been more productive than my usual couch potato self. I've practiced playing guitar, and have moved on to finger picking (not easy for me at all). I haven't had too many lesson since my teacher got married, and is on his Honeymoon.
I've also continued flairing after my fiasco at the Alumni competition. I knew the routine by heart, I was confident, and I kept it simple. But in the end, well... I dropped EVERYTHING! I was sooo pissed at myself, that I went into a depression for a week. I nearly gave up flairing all together. I was upset b/c someone who had only been flairing for 3 months put on a better show. Maybe I'm just no good in the spotlight. Then again, the lighting was atroscious (but I can't blame that, since everyone else did fine in that lighting).
I'm now working at the Armadillo Texas Grill on Front Street, beside good ol' Jack Astor's. I love the place! It's like Jack's was, only 4-5 years ago. The people and the atmosphere is great, and the place is (get this) clean! The only thing I don't like too much is the menu. There's too much salsa and corn in everything. Well at least the wings are good. They have a mean Chicken-Fried Chicken there too.
So once again I've changed my appearance... I'm now the proud owner of soft contact lenses! Yes... ME! The guy who's eye's were so sensitive he had to wear sunglasses at the dentist b/c the light was too bright. So for all you people who get all teary-eyed just looking at someone trying to touch their eye, trust me... With a little persistance, even the most sensitive eyes in the world can wear contacts. And when I say persistance, it took me literally an hour and a half to get the lenses in (not to mention the time getting them out). Within a week I had the time narrowed down to 15 minutes on a bad day.
I'm still writing a lot, and still want to attend school (thought the earliest they'll consider an application is for the summer semesters). Hopefully by then I'll have saved up some money. I hear Armadillo is crazy-retarded busy during hockey season.
Hope to talk to you all soon.
PS.. Ronni, I know you sometimes read this, my phone was on the fritz a while back and I lost several numbers including yours, can you email me or call me up sometime. Besides, I owe you for not being able to make it to your Bday.