.... The Messy Mind of J'rod: October 2006
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Friday, October 27, 2006

Busy October

It has been quite the eventful month, as it turns out. Between all the parties, birthdays, and events it’s hard to just relax.

The month started off with me being really depressed. I couldn’t tell you why, but all I know is that it always happens around this time of year, and lasts for about a week. I was pretty miserable, but I snapped out of it quickly.

For my birthday Leah took me out for lunch to The Mongolian Grill on Don Mills. The food was just okay, but it was likely because we got there ½ hour before they were closing. So the service was half-ass and the food was left-over. But the company was awesome! She also got me one of those ‘sayings’ shirts that was pretty funny – I must say – and a keychain she made from scrabble letters. Kick ass!
In the evening my parents took me out to Baton Rouge, where we enjoyed a great dinner, and coffee. I had this Mesquite Chicken with fries and cinnamon apples. Good stuff.

Meanwhile, Leah and I enrolled in Spanish courses. I’ve only had two so far, but things are coming along nicely. I really hope I get a lot from the classes. Between that and guitar lessons, I almost feel like I’m back in school (somewhere I need to be).

On the 23rd Bee, B2, and I threw a Jack Astor’s reunion party. It was a great success! Everyone turned up (making me worried about the noise). It was great seeing so many familiar faces under one roof; it’s the kind of thing I live for! I love it when I get to see all my friends at once. Everyone behaved themselves for the most part, and I got more signatures on my wall (thanks guys). The only down side to the night was that someone stole Marta’s money ($200), and my digital camera. We have a good idea who it was. It’s those people you don’t exactly invite, but it wasn’t like you didn’t invite them, and they somehow show up, and everyone sighs and rolls their eyes saying “who invited that guy/girl?” Anyway, the idiot forgot to steal the charger, extra battery, and special USB cable, so they won’t get much for the dented, 5 year old, 2 mega-pixel camera. I just want the SD chip that had all the good memories in it back.

Anyway, I’m so happy that everyone had a good time. Now work is picking up again, so hopefully I’ll be able to pay off this expensive month.. hehe.

Aside from that I also went up to Barrie last weekend with Farhan. Mars asked us to be a part in her film project. It was a thirty second part in a five minute skit. We got there around 7:30pm and left around 2am… and it was a lot of fun! Thanks Mars for the opportunity. I’ll post a pic up later if I remember, since I’m in a little bit of a rush this afternoon. No easter eggs this time.

Thanks for the busy October!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

New Art Page

My Uber Super Cool New Art Button!!!
At the request of my good friend Michelle Galeotalanza, I have added a button to the right panel, leading to "My Art". Every so often I'll post some of my sketches, either old or new. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Straight Outta Lynwood

I'm finally on the internet! I've finally added Nika to the Animal Pack. She's happy to be there, though Rex and Duke are feeling a little out numbered: Dogs 4-2 Reps.

'Weird Al' Yankovic released another Album, containing hilarious knock-offs of Chamillionaire's Ridin' Dirty, Usher's Confessions, and Green Day's American Idiot. Plus he's added a new polka, melding some of the most unlikely songs together (ie: Somebody Told Me, and Candy Shop). If you'd like to hear his remix of James Blunt's "Beautiful", you can download it here for free, at Weird Al's website. Pure jokes! (thanks Ronni, for the heads-up on the release, though Danny/Kenny informed me not long after you).

So, The Don Mills Jack's reunion party is coming up. Hope to see everyone there, and NO you are not allowed to use restaurant lingo while at the party... Except HANDS! ...that's a funny one.

I'm beginning Spanish lessons on Saturday with Leah, and I'm quite excited; though I'm not sure how well I'll do. I've never been good with languages in school previously, but I want to give it a shot anyway. I suppose it'll require a little diligence. Wish me luck.

Work is still over-timing me, leaving me little time for leisure. I'm not liking it too much, as I feel that the days are passing so quickly, and I've done nothing but work. And don't give me the 'at least you're making money' angle, because I'm a firm believer in balancing work with having a life. unfortunately, I've had no time for friends, as many of you are aware. Geez, I can't even squeeze in much time for family right now.

Things'll cool down soon enough, as we're hiring more staff. Hopefully I'll be back to the medium pace I enjoyed.