.... The Messy Mind of J'rod: December 2006
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Friday, December 22, 2006

The Dog and Casino

I just got back from a trip to Casino Niagara. The Armadillo had a contest to see who could sell the most Kokanee beers. The top winners got to go to Niagara via limosine. We left at 8:00pm and returned around 2:30am... So much fun. I've never been to a casino before.
So I was down $10 in total, but I wasn't really there for the gambling. I just wanted to have a good time, and I did.
And now for some relatively sad news...
The other day I was working on my book when our Super came to the door. When I answered it, Nikka (Bryan's dog) ran out the front door. I quickly put on shoes and grabbed my keys, and chased after the dog. I chased her all the way to the 401, then had her chasing me back up to the house. I figured I can try to get her to follow me. Unfortunately she is a little disobedient and decided to go off on her own.
Now, you need to understand that she is small and fast. Really fast. I couldn't catch her. I was getting furious, because not only had I just spent about 40 minutes in the cold, running around without a jacket, but Bryan had disconnected his phone. I couldn't reach him. Nikka had disappeared completely without a trace.
Eventually I got Byron and Sarah to help me look for Nikka, and when Bre and Bryan came home, we all went on the hunt.
We searched every park and street from Flemo to Peanut Plaza, to Havenbrook to across the DVP. After four hours of being lost, Bre and I went home. And wouldn't you know it, Nikka was sitting on the doorstep, waiting to get inside. It is amazing how dogs can find their way through foreign areas to get home. Sadly, she was bleeding, and had a large gash on both her right legs. The front leg was cut right down to the bone.
Though it was like, 10pm, we got her to an emergency vet. After being put under and having surgery, she came home with a cone around her neck, and a puppy-cast on her leg. She had stitches on the other.
But Nikka is a tough girl, as she hadn't lost any spark in her personality as most dogs would after such an ordeal. Plus, she tries to walk whenever she can. She should make a good recovery.
As to what casued the gash in her leg, I don't know. If she was attacked by an animal, it is unlikely that only her two right legs would be injured, and if she was hit be a car, you'd think she'd have bruises. She must have been caught in something sharp.
Either way, Bryan and Bre are just thankful to have their dog back in (relatively) one piece.
As for me... Well I still think she's ugly, but once you've shared an experiences with someone (or a dog), you develop a bond.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

I think I pissed my pants.