.... The Messy Mind of J'rod: August 2007
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Monday, August 27, 2007

SFX Fan Convention

Every year Toronto hosts a convention where game/comic/art/other enthusiasts can congregate, and shop around for some of the best merchandise out there. I've been a number of times, and each year it gets bigger. Of all the people who attend, nearly 50% of them dress up in some type of costume; be it just a Superman T-shirt, or a full blown Chaotic Space Marine costume with working chainsaw and lights.Chaotic Space Marine Unfortunately, about 20% of everyone who went had severe odor issues. Luckily the centre was well ventilated. I was surprised to see how many women showed up to this thing; most of them dressed as either Chun-Li or a Naruto character.
Signing autographs this year were Jonathan Frakes, Robert Beltran, Adam West, David Prowse, Jake Lloyd, Malcolm McDowell, and a few others. But as I was walking by the signing booths, there sat Dwight Schultz, waiting to give me his autograph. Now, I don't usually go for the autograph bit. It isn't really my thing. But I wanted to tell him how much I enjoy his acting. He used to make me laugh in Star Trek, and I appreciated the non-seriousness of it all. On top of that, just look at all the voice work he's done (in the Internet Movie Database).

RIKER!!Other points of interest were the Guitar Hero setup (where there was this guy on stage who was rockin' the place, with a large audience in front of him), artist booths (where comic book artists sold their original print pieces that would later become comic pages), a horror (section where you could get crazy contact lenses or a zombie makeover), a huge PC game LAN setup (so that 50 people can play one game at the same time), and there was even a few aspiring writers, trying to promote their books.
All-in-all it was fun, although quite dorky. I did pick up a few trinkets; one being the entire script to "Big Fish". Maybe next time I'll bring some of my old junk I want to get rid of, and pass it off to the next collector!
Me and Schultz

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Dumb Facts...

Did you know that... (according to a semi-reliable website)
-- The top six reasons for being late for work are 1) traffic. 2) oversleeping. 3) procrastination. 4) Chores. 5) Car Trouble. 6) Having Sex.
--The odds of a mother having twins are about 90 to 1 (go mom and dad!) I don't believe this one all that much, considering it does not account for fraternal or identical twins, or those events where twins are found in every other generation of some families.
--Banging your head against a wall uses 150 calories an hour
--The U.S. Government will not allow portraits of living persons to appear on stamps
--In ancient times strangers shook hands to show that they were unarmed. Well, I heard this one a little differently. I was told that they shook their right hands to prevent themselves from drawing their weapon during a greeting.
--In every episode of Seinfeld there is a Superman somewhere. I knew this one already. Seinfeld has a Superman magnet, and a superman figurine on his shelf behind the table.
--Floccinaucinihilipilification is the longest non-medical term in the English language. It is deifned as the declaration of an item being useless. And here I thought Antidisestablishmentarianism was the longest word. I guess it's a tie. (For those of you who actually counted the letters {I'm guessing Karen, and maybe Ronni} and care as to what the latter word meant, I believe it to be the concept of a person who is against things that cannot be authorized, or constituted.
--The sentence “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.” uses every letter of the alphabet. That is why it is used to visualize fonts.
--Gum on postage stamps have from two to eight calories
--When Heinz ketchup leaves the bottle, it travels at a rate of 25 miles per year. Hmm... interesting.
--Pound for pound (kilo for kilo), hamburgers cost more than new cars
--Dr. Seuss coined the word “nerd” in his 1950 book “If I Ran the Zoo”
--The Bible is the most shoplifted book in the United States. Well, won't their face be red when they read about the commandments.
--Barbie's full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts.
--Donald Duck’s middle name is Fauntleroy
--Starfish have eight eyes; one at the end of each leg
--Hydrogen can be a metal, but it is only in a solid state under extreme conditions such as being in the core of Jupiter!
--Termites can’t digest wood, the protozoa in their stomach (they eat them when they are younger) actually are the devourers of the wood. I actually learned this in microbiology.
--A person would die if all of the toxic ingredients of one cigarette were directly injected into the bloodstream. Go fig...
--In the course of a lifetime the average person will grow 2 meters of nose hair.

Friday, August 10, 2007

The Book, Concert, Weekend, Dream, and Hallows

The Book:
I printed off a few copies of the first two books in my series, so that I can have them edited by a few friends. Already, I realize that I still have a long way to go. I was conversing with Victor, who had only read the first three pages, and he stumbled upon a possibly huge flaw in my work. It pertains to the perspective switch over just after the second paragraph. At first it appears as though there is someone (possibly with great knowledge of the world where my book takes place) who is telling the story. It is as though they lived through the ordeal, and are reiterating the story in first person. Then it suddenly switches to third person, as though there is no narrator whatsoever. I actually did it on purpose for reasons of my own, but perhaps I need to take a better look at it.
The Concert:
Incubus was playing at the Molson Amphitheatre, but I didn't buy any tickets. It was partly because the people I wanted to go with were unable, and the people who wanted to go had already purchased tickets. Earlier on I heard that my manager Sean had received free tickets, so as a (semi)joke I said, "well if you have no one to go with, I'd love to see Incubus." He said "sure", but had in mind to go with his girlfriend. Well... The evening before they were to play, Sean had something come up, and gave me the tickets. What a guy! So I took my sister, and we had a blast. It was a great performance, although I kinda' wish they chose better songs; especially for the encore. Either way it was fun.
The Weekend:
Alison's birthday was on the second, so she invited my up to Cambridge for the weekend. I had already begun the week with outings that involved lots of drinking -- A friend nearby had a house warming party on the first, and another friend was singing at a local bar. On Thursday was the concert, and then on Friday, Ali came down to T-Dot to pick me and her friend Adrian up. We went up back up to her hometown, and drank the night away. At one point we were mixing anything we could find into a blender, and drinking it. One of the Daiquiri-like concoctions worked out. That was probably why I had such a crazy dream that night. The next day was a lot of sitting around, but the evening was much like the first... booze and booze. We took a limo with seven other friends (and family) back to Toronto where we were scheduled to party at Inside Nightclub. As it happened, I had a hook-up. Sean's brother is a coordinator for the clubs, and got us in Inside without the line-up, without cover, and a bunch of drink tickets. Well, it didn't go exactly as planned, but we still had fun.
The Dream:
There were about fifteen of us, and we were trying to break into this high security building for a large gemstone of some sort. The stone wasn't what we were actually after; but it was a lost link to a treasure beyond our dreams. We were able to sneak in through a series of abandoned tunnels below the building, and nearly had our hands on the item. But one of us was a traitor who gave us away. I was handcuffed, and we were to be sent to jail. But being the skilled thief that I was, I escaped the handcuffs, and fled. I remember the seasons changing a lot during the dream, as it would suddenly go from summer to winter. Also, there was definitely a love interest in this little story, but I can't remember the details. Ah well...
The Hallows:
I finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows yesterday. I certainly took my time reading it, but I wanted to soak the whole thing in. Don't worry, there are no spoilers for anyone who hasn't read it yet.
The book wraps things up quite nicely, although there are certainly some parts that didn't seem all that feasible. But hey, its a fantasy, right?
Coming out of the entire series, I'd have to say that my favourite character all along was Severus Snape. Of all the characters, Snape seemed to be the most three dimensional. Rowling really captured his essence throughout the novels.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Dina and I were walking down Bathurst street to meet up with Sarah for her birthday (happy birthday, Sarah), and when we got to a street called Lennox, I saw something quite out of the ordinary.

It moved from the corner of my eye, and when I went in for a closer look, I realized there was a newborn... something.

There, at my feet wobbled an infant animal of some sort. He was lying right there on the sidewalk, abandoned by his mother. His eyes weren't even open yet! I didn't know what to do. It was 8:30pm and when I called Humane Society, they were closed; although the emergency operator gave me instructions. She said to take the animal in for the night, and call animal aide or humane society when they open at 9am. They may be able to pick him up. So I placed Lennox (I named him after the street I found him) in a box lined with a dry cloth, and put it under a heat lamp in my room. He yawned a few times, and played with his feet. He was sooo cute (and healthy to my knowledge). Dina looked online and discovered he was a squirrel. She was a little disappointed; hoping it to be something like a cat or dog. It certainly didn't look like a squirrel. After spending the night, I had no choice but to take Lennox to work work with me (since I worked at 9:00, and that was when the humane society opened), in a box so no one would see him. Once I reached work I called animal services, and they told me to put the squirrel back where I found it, and the mother would pick it up. If it didn't, they'd have to come get it and put it to sleep. Those d*cks! I mean... yeah, it's a friggin' squirrel and T.O. doesn't exactly need more of 'em. But he was just an infant! And he was so helpless. I then called humane society, who mentioned they take in stray wild animals. What a relief. Unfortunately, they closed at 5pm and I wasn't even off 'till 6ish!! What else could prevent me from helping the poor kid? Finally, Christine from work was good enough to take Lennox with her to visit her sister, who lives near the humane society. Hopefully they will be able to nourish the squirrel, and return it to the wild.