.... The Messy Mind of J'rod: November 2007
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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Checkin' In.

Yes, I'm still alive. School's good, although the business side of UofT is quite annoying. There are many things they don't tell you about and you are expected to discover yourself, and many more that seemingly bite you in the ass because you never figured them out. Coming from College where you choose your second semester courses during first semester, I never knew that the whole year was supposed to be planned in September. Thus I never picked any second semester courses and am now on a bunch of waiting lists for winter's courses. Then, while picking these courses I found out that some aren't offered unless you pick a field of study (ie: an English Major), but you can't just sign up for some of them. So in order for me to continue to choose some courses I had to enroll myself in a random field of study (I think I'm currently a History Major) so that I can add myself to more waiting lists. Then, in order for OSAP to come through I was required to have at least three courses per semester, but since I was on waiting lists, my second semester consists of one course. So I added random courses to fill the requisite for OSAP; courses that no one wants and weren't wait-listed. So even though I'm striving to be an English-Psychology Major, I am currently an English-History Major taking a Biostatistics course for no reason next semester. All b/c the business side of university is .... is..... stupid!

Are you lost yet? Cause I am.
But my marks are decent, and I'm learning. Alrighty, see you all on Faceboob.