.... The Messy Mind of J'rod: April 2008
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Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Break From Studying

I'm in the middle of studying at Sidney Smith Hall, and I need a break... Physiological Psychology is a lot of brain work (pardon the stupid joke).

So, I'm all moved in to the new, fabulous apartment on Brunswick Avenue, and the roomies are moving in tonight. I've had the place all to myself for three weeks now, so I have to remember not to drag my boxer's-only sleepy self into the bathroom in the morning without putting something on first.

School is dragging on. My last exam is on May 6. Grrr!!! Ah well.
So this is what I've learned so far this year....

- Cats have no "sweet" taste buds, so don't bother trying to lure them in with candy
- Jewish history is fraught with crises of identity and eternal wandering
- Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? was a good book; Mr. Sammler's Planet, not so much.
- Barthes and Sartre are not the same thing
- You can use a [DS] to portray that the [US] is available to elicit a [UR], which may come to be a [CR] if the subject comes to accept the [US] as a [CS]. ?!?
- One Old Ogre Tried Tasting A Funky Vegetable – Got Very Sick – Hospitalized
Go UofT!!!
“If they found out what I really was, they’d skin me alive and dissect me; either that or they’d throw a chain around my neck and display me alongside their other rare monster collections.
I had to act fast. If I could just hide my features – tear off the outer lining of my face – they wouldn’t know what I was. I could act like a common animal; an elephant or something. Yes, I would pass as a baby elephant, but not for long.
Shoot! I’m still wearing my glasses! Where can I hide them... where? This block of ice will have to do.
I long for the day when I can roam free as a long-necked dragon without fear of being slaughtered.”
-- A segment of my dream last night... weird, eh?