.... The Messy Mind of J'rod: May 2008
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Monday, May 12, 2008

May 12, 2008

Just throw everything you like into a pan and fry it all together...
That's pretty much what I did for breakfast this morning. Eggs, hot sauce, shitake mushrooms, shredded mozzarella, soya sauce, chicken bacon... scramble.

Today was supposed to be friggin' sunny out and its raining... again. Where do we live, Philadelphia? I want to play baseball in the league tonight!!! This crummy weather draws me to want to do anything that ISN'T productive. I wanted to edit the draft of my second book yesterday, but found that laying on my bed with a bowl of Goldfish crackers and watching Youtube for 3 hours was much more preferable. Grrr!!!

Tomorrow's my big first day back to school. Go Statistics! I'm just hoping it isn't as ridiculously hard as the calculus course was, especially since I need stats to take any 300 level courses in the fall.

So, I've kinda' gone on a bit here with useless points regarding my current life, but I've been trying to dodge a very difficult and sad piece of news. Last Thursday (the 8th of May) the family dog passed away. Montana (the apricot miniature poodle seen at the top bar of this page) was very dear to the family and she will be missed. I don't think I took it as poorly as my parents did, but I think in my head I was trying to rationalize the death. It's a defense mechanism I have where I psyche myself out of a difficult situation by trying to convince myself that it is just a normal part of the life cycle. That's probably a bad thing, because I'll never grieve properly, and I look so callous when it comes out.

"Don't worry, I'll still hang out around this page."

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Time Travel

"What do you mean it's May 8th?" I asked Gabrielle as I rubbed the sleep from my eyes.

But there it was on the bottom right-hand corner of her screen: May 8 2008, 9:27am. Did I slept away an entire day? That would explain why I feel so refreshed after spending last night... that is, two nights ago, how I felt so awake after pouring pints of Alexander Keith’s down my throat. I took another look at Gabrielle’s screen one more time, hoping she was just playing a prank on me. Computers do that from time to time, if only to prove that they’re not as cold hearted as we make them out to be.

“I need a shower, irregardless as to whether I slept for a whole day or only four and a half hours.” If Gabrielle could shake her screen and sigh she would. “I know, ‘irregardless’ is not a word. But I’m still half asleep and a little disoriented.”

I started the shower. Popped some antihistamines and began to think. “Is it possible I slept through an entire day? Is that why I don’t feel the usual drain and strain of drinking the night before? I need more evidence to prove that this irregular event actually happened.” The shower heated up. I nearly forgot that I was still wearing boxers and a t-shirt before hopping in.

Last night at the bar, my roommate said it was May 7, but I corrected her, I began to think. That morning I had my final exam of the year, and I knew it was set on May 6. But it felt so long ago, and come to think of it, my mother kept on calling me on the 5th to congratulate me on finishing my exams. But that doesn’t factor into this whole weird time distortion because she simply mixed up the days on her calendar, thinking my exam was two nights ago.

The shampoo felt good on my hair. That’s right, I got a haircut just after my exam. Then I went to pick up some food for my gecko...

I couldn’t remember what happened next. It was just a matter of pulling away the cobwebs, but I was really beginning to freak out. If it really is the 8th today, then... I just realized; I would have completely missed my night shift at work! I knew I should have charged my phone before going to bed. If anything someone would have woken me up by calling me, had my phone still had any power in its cells. But what if I really did miss an entire day? That has never happened before? I’d have to go see my doctor. And what would I say to him when he saw me? I can picture it now. “Hi doc, umm... I was wondering if you could check my temporal lobe for anomalies in my internal clock.” “Son, I don’t think the temporal lobe keeps a temporal calendar.”

Time for some body wash. Would my roommates even wake me if they knew I was asleep for an entire day? Probably not. I finished my showering as quickly as I could so that I could get to the bottom of this little problem of mine. After I got food for Duke, my gecko, I ran home (literally, since I had to pee) and then made some dinner. I went out to the bar, came home, watched two hours worth of television, and went to bed. But according to Gabrielle that was only four and a half hours ago.

I got half dressed and took a peak outside the washroom. The roommates’ doors were closed. I remembered one of them saying she had to be up around 6am for work, so why was her door closed? If it really was a day later, then that would explain why she hadn’t left for work. I looked at my watch, and it told me that 45 minutes had already passed. Time seemed to be flying now, as though making up for lost hours. A poke into her room solved at least one mystery. She wasn’t there.

The cobwebs were starting to clear. I leered at Gabrielle as I adjusted her clock. “Don’t ever do that to me again.”