.... The Messy Mind of J'rod: August 2008
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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Troubles with Cell Phones.

I'm Sick, I need a mechanic!
My phone got sick yesterday. It kept activating the "enter" key, so it would do things like send blank SMS texts...
1. If the text icon is highlighted it presses enter and assumes you want to write a message.
2. While in the SMS option it automatically highlights the last text you sent. Mine happened to be to Kristina, so it automatically pressed enter and went into that text message.
3. By pressing enter again it automatically thinks you want to reply to that message, so it starts a new SMS to Kristina.
4. by automatically pressing enter again it assumes you are ready to send the message, and it asks to verify.
5. because the enter key is continuously being pressed it verifies that you want to send, and it does.
6. the cycle repeats itself.

So you see how this can be annoying. It also kept trying to lock and unlock my keypad, and it kept wanting to call my last caller. Finally I took the friggin battery out, because you can't turn off a blackberry like other phones. The blackberry says "turning off, press any key to abort". Of course, with the auto enter thing going on it kept aborting my off switch. ARGGG!!!

I love the blackberry pearl, but Fido doesn't offer them, and a new one will cost me $500. I don't want another refurbished one, because I won't be able to log onto their site and activate the PIN system. I don't want to get another phone that isn't with Fido, because if something happened to it like this one, I wouldn't have any support. But Fido has no phones I even remotely like, and their cheapest one without signing a contract is $200 for a crappy LG. The iPhone's keyboard drives me crazy, but the other options are cool. It's just that I text A LOT, and even though the typing program is smart, I still screw up way too much. Plus I never could get used to the "buttonless" feel to it. When I had the Ming A1200 I couldn't stand not being able to text and walk at the same time.

So I splurged and went to Tiger Direct (Shittest service in the world, mind you), and bought a Refurbished, unlocked Siemens A56. Its very similar to one I had years ago, and for $19... that's right, $19 (plus $2 for a year of extra warrenty at Crappy Tiger Direct) it ain't half bad. It's no Pearl, but I betcha' I'll like it more than the battery draining iPhone.

In the meantime, I'm on the lookout for a new Blackberry Pearl 8100-8120 series, or perhaps the LG Keybo. Right now the Keybo is only offered with Telus (a non-GSM service provider), but the phone is cool, and texting on it was pretty quick.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Drunken Monsters Make No Sense!

I've been trying to write a song for a couple of years now. The last one I wrote was "In Another Dimension", and ever since its been a struggle. I can write poetry, and stories, and essays... but for some reason song writing has proven to be quite difficult for me. I think it's because I keep having that syndrome that some writers have, when they feel that what they have to say isn't important enough to put on paper. My book is fantasy oriented, and thus it is "fluff"; it's not really important to the real world (save for morals and themes pertaining to world issues). But a song has to have meaning, or feeling. And every time I have strong feelings about something, I'm not in the mood to write about them. So when I feel like writing, it's often about nothing, or when I'm trying to be clever. That's what "In Another Dimension" was, well... it was being clever while saying what I wanted to say.

So finally, today I wrote two songs. I sort of just got a lyrical tune in my head and began strumming to the guitar in chords I thought would go along with the tune. Then I started to write some words down, and before I knew it I had a theme. It wasn't something I would normally write about, but I made it personal in the end. The thing is, is that it's too simple (which isn't bad, but all my other songs are simple, and I wanted to come up with something a little more complex). After writing "Drunken Monsters" I decided a little hard rock was in order. I began to play some power chords and started fooling around with lyrics. I then wrote "Makes No Sense" which is a satirical look on rock songs that lack meaning. It's full of dumb references and silly plays on words. It is probably a decent song, but I'm a little upset that I can't write about things that I think are important.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I got a haircut.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Good Writing

I've hit a major wall in one of the books I'm writing. It isn't a writers block, so much as an editing problem. I wrote the second book, but some of my test readers found it doling on and boring. So I came up with a REALLY clever idea on how to fix it without losing most of the writing, and up to now it was turning out great. But I just hit a snag that is going to require a lot of thinking to get around. It's an issue of perspective. One of the differences between the first edit and this new one is that I've switched the narration from 3rd person to 1st, where everything is told from one man's perspective. The problem is, is there are some integral parts of the story that this person couldn't (and shouldn't) know about until much later, but that part of the story must be told NOW for the reader's sake. It simply wouldn't be good storytelling if I told this part of the tale later on, when it no longer matters.


I need a haircut.