.... The Messy Mind of J'rod: September 2008
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Monday, September 22, 2008

Bock Bock Bock Bock Bock Bock....

September 22 2008
Bock Bock Bock Bock Bock Bock...
Does going back to school mean that I'm not going to be updating this site regularly? You bet it does!

As much as I wish I had the leisure time, I'm too busy with work and school and homework and watching Smallville and playing with my Gameboy to have any free time to just... do nothing. I wish I could still write, using my (fixed / healthy) laptop on some coffee patio in the warm sun, but now I have to get my jollies and kicks from writing a 3500 word essay on stupid Canadian short stories while sitting at home under incandescent light, while being grounded to my desk where (and I know this is a run-on sentence, but I'm executing my write as a righter to say what I want to say) where was I?... where I'm grounded to my desk because my laptop needs to be connected to an external monitor for me to see anything...

... and breathe!

Well, at least I'm wearing a cool ensemble of clothing today, and I look good. I'm focused deeply on learning (just not studying). I'm extremely comfortable falling asleep, and totally uncomfortable when I wake up (due to sleeping like a contortionist and having back pains), which allows me to not sleep in. I successfully made a secret family recipe tonight consisting of Kraft Dinner as the main ingredient... real secret, so shhhhh!

Every time (hugh... "every time" is not one word. Never knew that. Then why do we have "anytime"?). Everytime I learn about a new disorder in my abnormal psychology class I get the symptoms of that disorder for about the time it takes me to finish the chapter. I just read Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, and I felt a little like repeating what I wrote down. Then I read about Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, and I felt a little like repeating what I wrote down. And before that I read about anxiety disorders and felt that I couldn't sit still and that if I didn't hurry up and finish the chapter I would go nuts. I was pacing and racing and standing and sitting, and my bum hurt and my eyes hurt and my hand hurt... I even read about schizophrenia when I was alone at home last week and I could have sworn my mind was playing tricks on me. Either that or there really was someone watching me. I know that my symptoms aren't by-the-book traits of the disorders, but we also learned about the commorbidity of the syndromes, where things overlap and bleed; nothing's cut and dry when it comes to the abnormal.

I'm taking Chaucer classes, and I'm beginning to sound Englishy. Fore instaunse, ofte I feele lyke ne a persone understandes me. I ne knowe not why 'tis the casse, fore I speke in the perfecte tung.
Do you know the difference between "inquire" and "enquire"? I do, and if you don't you should inquire about it. I only learned about the differences yesterday when I enquired using the internet.

I find it funny when old people use the word "interweb" when talking about stuff online. Oh, and when I say "old people" it isn't referring to actual age, but people who still live in the stone age of 1992 or under.
I wish I was drunk so that this blog entry would be funny. As it is, there are only a few people out there who laugh at my jokes. Those are the cool people.
(Takes the time to laugh at my own stupid humour. Guess I'm one of the cool kids after all) If anytime is one word, why can't "afterall" be one word? Overalls is one word. Moreso is one word, despite my spell checkers efforts to turn it into the word "morose" when I'm not watching...
"I really loved that dinner, morose than the lunch I had." Does that even make sense, you stupid paperclip-animation? Why don't you just change ALL the words in that sentence, and make yourself feel useful?
"I realty lived hat sinner, morose then he hunch I hat." -- love, Microsoft Paperclip.
Okay... apparently "more so" is two words. That's why Pepperclip was changing it to "morose". I rescind my upset paragraph above.
So I'd like to give a shout out to Principal Dick Hunter; without you we wouldn't be able to write profanities without a legit excuse. Same goes to you Eric Shinn; keep on saluting for the country you stand for! Oh gosh! I opened a can of worms, and I don't want to leave anyone out. okay... Thank you,

-Helen Back, we know how far you’ve gone for us all.
- Jack Goff, I’d shake your hand, but...
- Justin Casey Howells, Don’t forget to cover your mouth.
- Lois Price, you were always a little cheap, but we love ya!
- Marty Graw, lay off the Hurricanes and Mojitos.
- Mo Lestor, don’t forget to let me know if you can babysit little junior next weekend.
-Mona Lott, good times, good times. I don’t know how my roommates knew someone was with me though.
- Olive Yew, and I’m not referring to just you.
- P. Ness, sorry I mixed you up with your brother, A. Ness. Truth is, I’m not really fond of either of you and can say with certainty that I won’t ever like to get to know you better.
- Pierce Deere, remember the time we got stuck at the airport when you went through the metal detector and they couldn’t find out why you kept going off?
-Polly Ester, I wish you weren’t so uncomfortable. You make me sweat a lot.
- Robin Andis Merryman, Remember you asked me if I ever would sleep with Maid Marian, and I replied with, “Sherwood”?!?
- Sal Minella, Sorry you were out of commission for so long after that food poisoning.
- Sheila Blige, In my opinion, you’re too easy to get into bed.
-Miss Inga Page, I shouldn’t have hired you as my bookkeeper. Perhaps you would have been more suited to note taking.
- Tess Steckle, you kinda’ hung around me a lot and did nothing but rub me the wrong way. But I keep you around because one day I know I’ll need your assistance.
- Willie B. Hardigan, It was always a question as to whether or not you would rise to the position you once had. I always had faith.
- Constance Noring, You kept me up all night, but I always told the guys it was for different reasons.
- Anna Recksiek, My goodness woman, have you gained weight?!?
Thank you all for your contributions. May you all live up to your great names!