.... The Messy Mind of J'rod: May 2009
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Monday, May 25, 2009


I finally got to see my nephew Noah for the first time. He's one of the cutest infants I have ever seen... and I'm not just saying that 'cause he's my nephew. Look...
Click on me to Enlarge!!!
We got some nice pics of him and the family, including a four generation picture...
Click on me to Enlarge!!!
T'was a fun weekend!

On a technical note, I realized that some of my buttons were either defective or leading to nothing in particular. A couple of my Radio Blog music bars weren't working, so I changed them up a bit; I added Matthew Good and a new Beatles song to the menu. Also, I noticed that some of my friends are no longer updating their sites (nevermind that Noah's site was last updated November 2006), so I removed the buttons from the top side-bar, but left them in my buttons collection. We'll see if they update their site anytime soon.

Lastly, I finally got a new Blackberry Pearl. It makes me haaaapy. When the last one stopped working properly it nearly broke my heart! I never thought I could devote so much attention to an electronic device. So I got a red one with the older style buttons on it. It's brand new, unloacked, and packed with goodies, like a Spanish/Italian/French/Duetch language pack, Sudoku, and other cool stuff. Plus I bought a skin protector that jazzes it right up!

Imagine it with red buttons that are the same colour as the crimson red tree on the back.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

If I Eat Strawberries...

Hey, if I said that I'll be there in 1.2 minutes... how many seconds is that? 1.5 is 60+30 which is 90, and 1.25 is 60+15 which is 75 seconds. And 1.1 is like saying one and one tenth, so one tenth of a minute is six seconds and two sixths is the same as four twelfths, which is where the number four is on the clock. So two sixths must be 20 seconds. That means that one sixth is 10 seconds... but two twelfths is like looking at the clock and seeing the number two... yeah, so that's still ten seconds, right? So how do we figure out 1.2 minutes? If one minute is 60 seconds + 2/10 of a minute (or 60 seconds), then...

1 = 1.2
60 x

Cross multiply, and we have 1x=1.2(60), therefore x= I need a calculator.


I finished Fight Club, and I have to say... I think I liked the movie better. Weird, eh? Maybe it was his writing style. Maybe it was because I saw the movie first. Who knows. I think it was one of those cases where the magic worked better on screen than in book format. You never really got the sense that Tyler wasn't really there. He always conveniently just "went out" or "wasn't there", instead of the clever ways they made him "seem" like he was there when he wasn't.

I'm on to "Up Till Now..." an Autobiography of William Shatner. It's a very light read, and frankly, pretty funny. He purposely makes himself out to be a little pompous and arrogant. "I'm William F*ckin' Shatner!" style of writing.


Speaking of writing. I'm back full swing into my book again. Over the course of the school semester I came up with some really good ideas on how to fix the story up and modernize it a little. I spent 7 hours yesterday (without realizing it) on a re-edit of the second book. I hope I don't burn out too soon. I still have a whole summer to work on it.


I'm up to date on Heroes, 30 Rock, How I Met Your Mother, Scrubs, Dexter, and most of Family Guy now, so let's chat about it.

Line from 30 Rock: Kenneth: "If I eat strawberries my mouth will close up faster than a girl in math class."
(aww, leave it to Tina Fey to add a few sexist jokes to her scripts. Ha Ha!)


Now that I'm out of school I've wasted no time partying (yet saving as well), playing guitar, throwing up after cigars and drinks, practicing my bottle flair, taking care of someone else who was throwing up after a birthday full of wine and vodka, working, fighting to work, looking for more work elsewhere, trying to meet my nephew, trick myself into believing that I don't need a haircut, purchasing a Blackberry Pearl on Ebay from what I hope is a reputable company (I should scratch that off my want list to the right), hoping to save for a new computer and pay off my loans, choosing my courses for next year... I'm thinking something in English from the Romantic Period, and something in Psych regarding Psychopathology in Children (that's right, I'm gonna study crazy children)... dating, making mistakes, making dating mistakes, and discovering more and more about myself with every passing moment and hoping it stops.

So, it's only been two and a half weeks since I've been in school and I've pretty much had all of that on my mind. Two and a half weeks... that's half a month, or 1 of 2 parts of a month. So in a year that's one twenty-fourth since the year can be divided into 12, or even 52. So that would be 2.5 of fifty-two or five of one hundred and four, although that doesn't seem very relevant to the topic here. Man, I feel like I'm a character in Lewis Carroll's books right now.