.... The Messy Mind of J'rod: June 2009
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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What Dreams... What Edits!

Two new entries have been made in the "What Dreams May Come" section of my blog. Just press the "Lucid Dreaming" button to the right and it will take you there, or simply click on this text.

Website Update:
I have updated and edited some of the structure to my blog. The backgrounds have all changed, and are now less invasive to the text. It should be easier to read, without the backgrounds getting in the way.
Everything is now a little less bulky and blocky. I removed some of the square white backgrounds from the sidebar. They are no longer needed now that the background is significantly lightened. The Background to the "What Dreams Will Come" (WDMC) section was the old "My Art" background. It seemed more at home in this new area... you'll see why if you take a look at it. Eerie!
I've also updated the blog-radio buttons to be a uniform colour, save for the play and volume buttons. Thought it'd be fun to change those up.
I noticed that there were extra buttons sitting around in the WDMC section that should only be in the main blog page. They are now bye-bye!
I have also added a little quote from an old movie starring David Bowie somewhere on the main page. Try and find it, if you can.
For some reason the hover text on the animals cannot be seen when using Mozilla Firefox. Using Explorer, a small dialogue appears when you hover your mouse over each of them. I change it up after each new blog entry, but I can never view it on my Firefox browser. Weird. At least you can still move them around.