.... The Messy Mind of J'rod: July 2009
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Thursday, July 16, 2009

The beer is here, albeit LIGHT beer.

That's right, I have finally added the light (or should I say LITE) version of the beloved but lost Boozeros.ca. Unfortunately the site went down last year and has not returned to us. No virtual Babes, BBQ, and Beers for a year?!? WTF!!! Well the virtual babes isn't so hard to find. Yet I felt that it was crucial to retain as much of my favourite section -- the beer review section -- as I could. Luckily I had saved most of my entries all that long ago, and I've just transferred them onto the Light-site.

So Steamer, this'll have to do until your site returns. But don't take too long or I might have to turn it into a BoozeBrosLightLime site, and nobody wants that!!!

Until then, enjoy the new button. I'm off to create a link for my buddy DJ Floh Back's blog.

Mini Update.

In the past couple of weeks I've been extremely busy, and haven't had a lot of time to update my blog. I've been working more shifts, and I got a second job teaching ESL students English, and I purchased a Macbook Pro last weekend. I'm still trying to wrinkle out the kinks on it, while transferring my files (and my PC knowledge) to Mac format.

I have plans to update this site by adding a new section, but I won't reveal it until all the buttons and backgrounds are set up. In the meantime, it's off to Eglinton station to teach!

See you all soon.