.... The Messy Mind of J'rod: August 2009
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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Here's the Skinny...

Yes yes yes... It's been a long while since I've posted anything. Can I say I've been busy? Definitely!

First things first, I would like to take the time to announce that my grandfather on my mother's side passed away about ten days ago. The loss hit the family quite hard, and many of us have been grieving in our own ways, but if anything, I hope that it will bring us all closer together. Nana, be strong.


School is starting on the 9th of September this year, leaving me very little time to finish doing the second edit to my first book. What happened to the second book, you ask? Well, I finished it!!! That's right, on July 29, 2009 I finished the first revamp of the second book. My reviews of the first edit were pretty bad, and so I decided to throw a monkey (wrench) into the gears. I'm waiting for the next set of reviews, but in the meantime the first book needs some serious updating and editing. It may have been a decent story, but the writing style was amateur at best. I only need a few solid days at the coffee shop on my BRAND NEW MACBOOK PRO 13" awesome notebook computer to finish the edits, and hopefully I will have both books finished by the time school begins.

I'm taking Shakespeare this year. I'm afraid.

I figure that if ever I wanted to be a teacher (in English), I should probably dip my nose in a few of Shakespeare's plays. I am also trying to get into a John Milton class (unfamiliar to you? How about "Paradise Lost"?), but was put on the wait list. I'm taking The Psychology of Mass Media, which should be interesting, and Biological Rhythms -- another psych class that discussed the different patterns people go through in their lives. I am also taking Canadian Drama, just to spread my wealth of knowledge a bit, as well as Archaeology. That one, I'm worried about. I need to take a social science, and so far in my three years of university none of my credits apply. So I picked up archaeology, because I can't handle politics or sociology as much as I wished I could.

But enough about school... I'm going to Las Vegas this weekend!!!! duh duh duh dummmm!!!
Some friends of mine found a cheap ($530, three nights at the Monte Carlo, return air fare) deal and I have a little saved up -- screw tuition, right? -- so I thought I'd try to get away before crunching down on some homework. I'm riDORKulously excited to go, and I plan to do everything!!! -- except the local talent.

So is it time to sign off yet? Perhaps. I'll come back after my trip, and hopefully have a few pictures up to show off my inability to drink alcohol like a normal person!