.... The Messy Mind of J'rod: September 2009
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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Back to Busy.

As predicted, it has been a busy ride the past few weeks. When I'm not at work or in school, I'm doing homework, or extra curriculars such as learning lines for West Side Story. That's right, I'm in a play. I can't sing, I can't act, and I can't dance... but I'm trying. For those of you who know the story of West Side... Story, I play Chino: The Puerto Rican boy who is supposed to marry Maria. Fun, Fun, in the sun. Well... there really isn't any sun out right now, and according to the report, for the next whole week!

I've been taking a Shakespeare class, and so far so good, although it is taking me a good-long-while to figure out what it is he is trying to say. Good to have the internet as an assistant on that one, thanks. Ditto with my Milton class. Paradise Lost is pretty cool, but harder on the brain than Shakespeare. And how did he write most of it as a blind man? And for Shakespeare we are required to keep a journal, and in it we need to write about certain passages that intrigued us. The first thing we studied were his sonnets, and the professor hinted that if we were to attempt a sonnet on our own, it would be a great addition to our journals. So I did one, and it took me two hours to write 14 lines. Do you have any idea how hard it is to say what you need to say in 14 lines, with proper measures and feet and syllables and rhyming schemes?!? Anyway, I'll post it in the "My Art" section of this blog site.

The Psychology of Mass Media is alright so far. The interest level is way up there, but I feel like a bomb is going to be dropped on me as soon as I see the first page of the first test. After all, we're just discussing theories in class, and there really isn't any solid fact involved. What are the fill-in-the-blanks going to be about?

Media affects the ______ industry by _________ing the ___________. THAT COULD BE ANYTHING!!!

Archaeology is quite cool as well, and at least I feel like I 'll have something solid to study for. So far we've only learned about methods and theory, so nothing super cool... but something's coming, I can feel it... Tonight. Maria... Gee Officer Krupke.

My Macbook Pro is phenomenal, and... wait -- let me put my laundry in the dryer. My Macbook Pro is phenomenal, and I can't believe how user friendly it is. I figure the ins and outs of it in like, a week and a half, and without anyone tutoring me on the subject. The technology seems so far beyond the standard PC, and it never crashes or gets loaded with bugs and viruses. Why is the rest of the world holding back and waiting for PC to step up? "Because Macs are expensive"... well save for an extra month and get one! It's well worth it, I guarantee it!

Okay, I've dawdled long enough. I need to start chapter 2 in my Archaeology textbook for next monday. If I don't do it now I may not get a chance later. Work has taken ownership of my entire weekend, and school gets me weekdays. Get this... I've been scheduled a Friday night (where I could possibly be there until 3am), then Saturday morning (where I have to be there by 10am)... then I was scheduled Sunday from 10am until 1am -- that's right, I was SCHEDULED to work 15 hours in one day! Illegal!!!! *Sigh!* Such is my workplace.