.... The Messy Mind of J'rod: January 2010
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Saturday, January 23, 2010

The First Month of 2010

I've added two new entries to the Booze Bros Light section of this blog. Check out my rants on the horrible-beyond-compare Alexander Keith's products, as well as my raves about the surprisingly amazing Big Wheel Deluxe Amber beer by Amsterdam Brewery. Yes, the Keith's section is long, but it is because I decided to rate the Red Amber, the White Wheat Beer, and the Stag's Head Stout all in one section.

I hope everyone is doing well in the new year. I'm keeping extremely busy with school and such, although I've given myself a little break today to rebuild my mental health!

RENT: Yes, I saw the musical last week with my friend Brianne and I have to say that I liked it a lot. Actually, the more I think about it, the more I like it. You know how at first you try so hard to focus and understand the plot line that you feel like you aren't enjoying it as much as you'd like? Rent was a bit difficult to put together, what with all the immediate introductions of eight characters and all, but each time I recall the play I find it easier to understand, and more enjoyable in the aftermath. Overall it was a great experience, and I'd probably see it again given the chance; especially now that I know what is going on (not that the "over the moon" sequence made much sense, ha ha!).

DREAMING: I know that I have a whole "dreaming section" in this blog that I haven't updated in a long while, and perhaps I should have added the following entry into it:
I've been having crazy weird dreams lately. Last night I was a James Bond figure in a casino, and the owners were out to beat the crap out of me for some unknown reason. The night before I had work dreams about skiing with the staff, except instead of skis we go-karted down the hills. Before that I dreampt that I had the power to turn my body into water, and flow through all the cracks in the walls and floors to get around. I even disappeared and reappeared behind this guy who was following me at one point. And then later on someone tried to grab hold of me so that he could later kill me, but I turned into water and got away. I know that I saw another man in my dream who could do the same thing, but for some reason I knew that these powers were kept secret from the rest of the world, and we weren't supposed to talk about it. Later, there were these drunk people on the streets of Willet and Ellery (where I lived in Richmond Hill), and I was able to somehow fill up their glasses with water that came from my body just by thinking about it. I was trying to sober them up or something.

At least I'm no longer dreaming about West Side Story. After the play had ended I was still dreaming of being on stage for about a month! Intense!

SCHOOL: I'm taking a course called Maps of Meaning... there is a website for it with a free video lecture you can watch, and I highly recommend that you do if you have the time. This course will change my life for sure. It's one of those things you feel that everyone will benefit from hearing. I only wish it was a university requirement! That's all I'll say on the matter, or else I'll be going on for pages about how wonderful it is.

I'm also taking Biological Rhythms; a class on the cycles we have and how we respond to the environment. It's a pretty cool class, although it is quite technical. Did you know that the human biological clock is not 24 hours? it's actually off by a couple of hours and must be reset daily for us to align ourselves with the earth's time.

Still in Shakespeare, although I'm beginning to like it a lot. Never thought I'd say that, but I guess it has something to do with the will to learn (that previously I did not have). I can't believe how many quotes I already knew before reading up on him. You know...
All the world's a stage... now is the winter of our discontent... what's in a name, that which we call a rose... such stuff as dreams are made of... to be or not to be... all that glitters is not gold... parting with such sweet sorrow... a horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse... a pound of flesh...

And, I'm still in Archaeology. Still waiting for the "lost civilizations" section to appear, and getting pretty tired of learning about corn, maize, and agriculture. Whatever... It's a course requirement. May as well try to broaden my horizons.

WORK: Why do I get the feeling that my friends are enemies, and that my enemies are enemies? All I want to do is go to work, get some decent shifts, and do a good job. Is that too much to ask? Management seems to get so involved in the politics of useless things that they no longer look at what the guests (and staff for that matter) need or want. How much time do you spend in a meeting contemplating whether or not the staff should be allowed to use the house's washrooms during their shift? How many bad decisions were made because no one wants to speak up over the alpha-dominent personality type who runs the restaurant in fear? You know that the more you make us all unhappy, the more it will be portrayed to the guests, no matter how much we try to hide it. Enough with all the political bullshit and darting around the issues: You all need to tell me (and each other) exactly what you think and how you feel! I'll start:
-- stop playing favourites. It's only good for the one who is favoured and bad for the rest of morale
-- Someone with authority needs to grow a pair and fire the one person he knows is bringing this place down.
-- My stance: I don't give a shit about the place anymore, and that bothers me. I used to take pride in my work and my bar, and now I'll just laugh it ever gets blown up by a random gas leak. And I know exactly how I got to this state; [Hint] it has something to do with my last point. I hate how one person can bring me down, but I should commend myself for fighting it for so long. And all I'm doing when I go into work now is try to find ways to make the place more pleasant for others to work there.
-- Start involving the staff in important decisions, or at least add a comment box that can be taken seriously. The staff are the front lines. They know what works and what doesn't... and if you must be adament on making a decision we don't agree with, at least give us your sound, reasonable explanation for changing things, and maybe we'll respect the fact that you respect our opinions too.


Friday, January 08, 2010

Gnomes... You're done!

I finished book 2... again.
I just wanted the second draft to be finished before I delved back into my school work again, and because I got sick twice over the holiday break I wasn't able to complete it. Well today (1:54am), after spending a good 9+ hours today on it, I finally finished the second draft of book 2 (of four). Now I can relax a bit before writing papers for psychology and English, and hopefully in the summer I'll continue where I left off in book 3!!!

Man, my eyes hurt. I'm going to bed.