.... The Messy Mind of J'rod: August 2010
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Monday, August 02, 2010

Fate of This Artist... in August.

I went to see Inception, and then I woke up.

Of course, my final school year's courses have been chosen. I'm waiting for an old grail-knight to come out and say, "you chose wisely," instead of me instantly growing old and decaying to the bone in front of everyone.

I'm taking The Law of Psycholology, Critical Methods and Literarary theory, Cognition and Psychothererapy, Monuments in fArt History, some Creative Writing course, and a course called Readers and Readership that is supposed to discuss what a "reader" is... are you reading this correctly? Probably. Are *you* a reader? Likely. Why do I need to spend $500 for a professor to... profess about the "readers" out there? We'll see, won't we. Oh, I might also take a Science-Fiction Film class. It sounds interesting/easy/bird course, and it seems that we'll be watching a lot of movies, but its on Fridays at 9am!!!! I didn't even know that time existed! I thought the world went from 5am when I go to bed on a night after clubbing, to 10am when my first (of three) alarms goes off -- telling me to get my lazy ass out of bed.

Speaking of "lazy", I developed a really cool new way to write my Z's in cursive. I can't show you right now, but ask me to write you something sometime and you'll see.
I should be working on my essay on Fate of the Artist, by Eddie Campbell:
It's a pretty good graphic novel, though obscure and multi-layered. I'm taking a class on the Graphic Novel right now, with a Professor Andrew Lesk, who (from many different accounts) either rubs his students the right way or the wrong way -- figuratively, of course. So far, I like him. I think that he is open, informative (and well informed), and is interested in teaching his students the proper way to write essays and such. That is something you don't see anymore; most of the Professors at UofT just assume that everyone by now should know how to write proper essays, but truth is, some people simply can't do it. He *dinged* me on my written in-class essay on using the ampersand (&) and on using clichés like "fact of the matter is...". Fact of the matter is, I was under a lot of pressure to finish on time (an exam I did last semester, leaving me with 40 points worth of questions to finish in 5 minutes, scarred me for life), and thought that ampersands might save me vigintillions of precious minutes (look it up, it's a real word. Also used in Fate of the Artist).

New Roommates in / Old Roommates out!
...And my, does my new roommate have a nice set of kitchenware! That wasn't an innuendo, she actually has nice kitchenware. I moved into the new room, and how adult do I feel now, with a super-duper high bed, and duvet, and en-suite bathroom, and curtains that cover a door that leads out to a back deck? Well, I feel almost adult. I still use words like super-duper.

I have to jump on this essay, so that I can (+{{[[**finally!**]]}}+) get back to work on my musical, and my book. I've been trying to get to it all summer long, and feel so deprived of my creativity. Poor Artist!

Milestones... my new job. Love it.
The food... great!
The people... greater!
What you use to shave cheese... grater!