.... The Messy Mind of J'rod: January 2011
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Things That Have Happened Since November...

As you know I failed my driver's license, doing a 70 in a 50 zone, so a month later I went back to do my test and did 50 in that same zone, but it changed to 70 and I didn't speed up; luckily the instructor was in a good mood and simply told me that I might want to get to the correct speed limit, and as I did I hopped on the highway, off again, and completed my test... that's right I passed; that was at the end of the month, and as December came along I soon became swamped with tests, exams, 20 page essays, work shifts, and other things I had to get done -- laundry for one -- it was going to be a busy month, I knew, what with my final in Cognitive Psychopathology coming up on Tuesday, followed by two more exams in the coming weeks (that seemed to stretch out through all of December)... Plus I was going through a crazy, ridiculous, but maybe necessary mental breakdown that stressed me out more than I had ever been before; though, it left me much better than I was -- plus Christmas was approaching, and I had to make cards and buy presents, I wanted to get a card done and shipped to Bergamo, Italy before Christmas came so that Leah could have it (she got married this month too, which is unbelievable, and amazing), and with all this stress and craziness, I was losing sleep -- a lot of it, and I was going insane... but it truly felt like a time of change for me, like I was cocooning to become something different, and maybe I had after all of it, I think I'm beginning to finally realize which paths I'm supposed to take in life, and which ones I'm not supposed to take... but anyway, January hit, and I began classes once more, as well as acting: Yes, I'm in a musical again (the director of West Side Story asked me to come aboard his new project because they had a lot of drop-outs and sicknesses, and needed more people -- I barely had to audition); the musical is called Threepenny Opera and it's potentially the most boring and dated musical I have ever heard of -- yet, the directors and choreographers are doing a fine job at making it more interesting and easy to watch, unfortunately the music itself isn't very catchy... at least I'm getting back into shape; I feel great when my muscles ache for the next two days (there's a hint of sarcasm in that statement, but paradoxically enough, it is mostly true), meanwhile, my bosses at work want to groom me for a promotion of sorts: they want me to become a shift leader at work, which means better sections, meaning better money, but also meaning longer hours, which is fine with me anyway -- oh yeah, and that Orange Challenge thing I posted a while back (not to digress, but you might have noticed that I've purposely created these insane digressions and run-on sentences throughout this entire blog), well at work Tenille and I put together "The Cookie Challenge": {Can you eat one of Milestones' "The Cookie" dessert in under two minutes?} is the main question, not that that is hard to do at all, but we wanted to see who could get the best time, and it turns out... well, you'll have to watch the video when it comes out, but in the meantime I've created a teaser video that can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOOmG_NvkcE <-- you'll have to tell me what you think of it; we're scheduled to finish editing the final movie this Thursday... and during this entire debacle of a month (and a half) I somehow found time to produce the third final draft of my musical "One Week"; today I'm going to speak to someone about the ways in which I might go about to produce and publish it, I hope I can make it happen... meanwhile, I'm taking my two final classes at UofT before graduating: Law & Psychology and Effective Writing (the latter taught me to free-write without stopping to see what I can produce, which might explain the way this particular blog has been set up {although, technically this kind of technique is called "ink-shedding" because I'm making it public}), effective writing is a bird course for me that will fill out my credits, and give me a little break from the extremely difficult semester I had last term, while Law & Psychology is intellectually stimulating as it borders on a new field I had never considered before: the law, which I am finding more and more interesting these days... man, I just want to finish my four-book epic so that I can move on to other projects -- Brianne had a dream the other day that was so vivid and amazing that she wanted to write a story about it; I told her to do it, and I even helped her out with the structure and synopsis a little... it sounds like a great story, and I only wish I had time to write it, but I also want to encourage her to write as well... well, that seems like the month in a nutshell, although I did purposely leave out a number of things, like our work-staff party that was a crazy night, or the time I broke down and bought my first pack of cigarettes, only to throw them out after having four of them, or how I was dating this amazing girl who probably contributed to most of my stress by the end of it, or how I -- myself -- have been having crazy, messed up dreams, and I didn't even discuss what I did during the new year, or how I've been trying to perfect some of my songs on guitar and jamming a lot with this friend of mine, Cory, and how he does an amazing job making everything sound better, or how I've been watching shows like mad -- like How I Met Your Mother, and Californication, and Castle, and Kenny versus Spenny, and The Defenders, and No Ordinary Family, and this new one with Matt LeBlanc called Episodes, plus I've watched Momento and The Town, and you know what... let's just say a shit-ton of movies, all in the name of stress-relief and winding down from all the school work... I even started playing video games again -- something I hadn't done on my own for many years now.

I suppose that'll do. I've just been itching to write.