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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Here We Are, Again

I've written a new song. It's amazing how I can so quickly come up with a chord progression, accompanied by lyrics on some days, while most of the time I struggle to compose anything decent. It's like the fates decide when the appropriate time to write a song should be, and what it'll be about.
This one -- Here We Are, Again -- is about two people winding back up in the same place they started, even if the both of them don't desire to be there. Sometimes people and relationships just cycle through experiences, and then recycle them, yet, it is the perspective we take on the recycled experience that will shape our next encounters with them. In the first verse, the singer admits that he/she is only thinking about the present, while the significant other is thinking about how the event will affect the future... again. By the last verse, the roles have somewhat reversed, where the significant other has taken the recycled event as just another one of many; it is no different from any in the past, nor in the future.
The song has a slightly cynical tone to it, but it is counteracted, or perhaps complemented with a poppy feel to it. I enjoy the dissonance that arises from a song that sounds happy but has a rather destructive message to it... perhaps that is why the Barenaked Ladies influence my music so much (Take their song "Too Little Too Late" for instance: It is fun and pop sounding, but the lyrics suggest a relationship where the singer isn't learning from his experiences, and is subject to the same problems over and over again).
The song needs a bit of tweaking... I haven't established much of a bridge yet, and I suppose I should be perfecting my other songs before writing new ones. "When She" is pretty much finished, but it naturally falls out of my vocal range (as does "Makes No Sense"), and I'd like to find a proper way to sing it, if I can.


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