.... The Messy Mind of J'rod: July 2011
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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Brianne Perez and Harrison Ford

Today is an important day {Posted July 13th} !!!  Okay, well I guess none of you know who Harrison Ford is; what kind of a name is that anyway?  But, all of you know Brianne, and it's time to celebrate her birfday!!!!  I've already celebrated it... no, not by seeing Harry Potter, I went to The Keg and ate surf'n'turf on Perez Day!!!

- Spicy Caesar, extra bean
- Escargot
- Innis & Gunn beer
- Top Sirloin, Mashed, Veg, Half a Lobster
- Liquid Coccaine
- coffee
Aww man was it ever delicious!!!!
Speaking of delicious... Milestones hosted a Kitchen Competition, where -- iron chef style -- a secret ingredient was chosen, and had to be used by all contestants in 3 dishes.  I WAS A JUDGE.  I ate a lot.
And the secret ingredient was....
So much food!
Oh boy!  We ate deep fried duck, asparagus-stuffed duck, duck pancake wraps, duck pate, duck-kisses in brandy sauce, caramel and duck-skin kettle corn, duck funnel cake... yeah, weird, eh?
But, they came up with all of these inventions in 15 minutes, and made them all within an hour!!!!  And most of them were REALLY TASTY!!!
I mean, they were succulent, and spicy, and... and... how did I move off topic from Brianne's birfday?
Happy birthday, Brianne!!!  I hope you have a wonderful day, and that you get cake, and steak, and duck, and delicious food.....
mmmmmmmmmmmm..... delicious fooooood.