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Monday, November 28, 2011


August 4, 2011
Did you ever use the word "grossatating" when you were a kid? I totally forgot about the word... the non-word. I wonder if sickatating is even a... nope. It comes up as a spelling mistake on my browser's spell-check. Red dotted underline means that sickatating and grossatating are not words. Well then, spell-check, what do you recommend? sickatating = did you mean squatting? grossatating = did you mean... guesses not found. That is: No effing clue as to what grossitating means.
Side note about spell-check... I dunno if this has to do with Mac Lion, or just the way the internet is going these days, but now there is an autocorrect feature that seems to want to fix my writing and place a dotted blue underline under the words it fixed. I don't like it. Don't assume that you know what I'm talking about! I never assume that my readers know what I'm talking about, so duck-off autocorrect!!!
By the way, I invented the word "ridorkulous", because too many people say the words "ridonkulous" and "ricockulous".  I actually invented it before ricockulous came out, but after ridonkulous surfaced.  Ricockulous makes the most sense, I suppose, because we're replacing dick with cock in the original word "ridiculous", but I feel that only dorks would use such terms, hence "ridorkulous".
I'm going to invent a word right now....
What do you think it means?


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